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Jennifer Nicole Lee Fit Active Lifestyle Clothing Line Super Fitness Model Photo Campaign

18 Aug

www.JNLClothing.com Jennifer Nicole Lee rocks the camera lens in her new Urban Streetwear Line, created for your fun fit active lifestyle, to wear inside the gym and also out! JNL is now a cutting edge stylist and designer, as she produced this new campaign for her new clothing line launch.

By: Jennifer Nicole Lee

You are watching her walk across the pool deck and you say to yourself:

“I can’t believe she doesn’t have a cover up on!”

She struts with an air of confidence and not a bit of insecurity. The amazing part is, she doesn’t have a cover-up or a sarong tied around her hips! Heads are turning as she strides over to her beach chair; her posture is that of a ballerina as she elegantly reaches for her towel from her beach tote. She has captivated everyone’s attention without even saying one word. As she waves to her friends on the other side of the pool, there is not an ounce of jiggle in her arms. She begins to apply her sun block to her evenly tanned and golden brown body starting with her smooth, sleek and cellulite-free legs. Her round butt rivals that of top celebrities. Her flat abs and whittled waist lead up to her youthful buxom bosom. Her bikini looks as if it were tailor made for her fit hourglass physique, hugging all the right curves. As she flips her shiny hair, it cascades down her beautiful back and she alluringly smiles, revealing her self-assuredness as all the men stare. She’s the center of everyone’s attention, even yours!What does she have that separates her from all of the other girls at the pool? She’s got a Bikini Model™ Body!

You ask yourself “Could I ever have a beach body like that? How can I achieve that Bikini Model ™ look?”

Dear Fitness Friend,

Are you interested in achieving a
Bikini Model™ Body
as quickly as possibly you can?

You can have your Bikini Model™ Body all year round, even if you are not donning a two-piece!

You still can achieve the LOOK & the CONFIDENCE of a Bikini Model™
Here is why:


My name is Jennifer Nicole Lee. My weight loss success story has been featured on Oprah Winfrey, Inside Edition, The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch and “E” Entertainment among many others.

I hold titles such as Ms. Bikini America and have been named the first ever Ms. Muscle and Fitness. I am a world renowned fitness expert, author and lifestyle consultant and have all the credentials to coach and train you to the cover worthy body that you deserve. I am an Ace Certified Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor. I am also a specialist in sports supplementation and certified through ISSA (International Sports Science Association).

I am also a contributing author of too many health and exercise articles to count including online websites and magazines such as Oxygen, Fitness Rx and Bodybuilding.com. I run an International consultation firm, thus having coached thousands of women from around the world. I have hosted weekend fitness retreats drawing women from all over the country to hear me speak!

I have designed a revolutionary new fat loss and muscle building system called the “The Bikini Model Program™”. It was specifically created to help busy women LIKE YOU (students, business women, mothers and even fellow female fitness experts) to achieve that slim and fit Bikini Model™ Body.

The Bikini Model Program™ is a scientifically proven fat burning and muscle toning program which is endorsed by elite trainers and top female fitness magazines. It has been used by hundreds of women of all ages to gain that Bikini Model ™ look! Most importantly it does not rely on hours of training; you DON’T have to live in the gym and work out 3 hours a day!

The Bikini Model Program™ will help you lose that darn ugly fat, blast cellulite and allow you to build feminine sleek and sexy muscle tone with only 4 short workouts per week! Some women are even experiencing the enjoyment of getting their hot body back and not only looking, but feeling years younger and even reporting having higher sexual energy with the help of The Bikini Model Program™! You can do The Bikini Model Program™ workouts in the comfort of your own home- All you need is basic equipment like dumbbells, an exercise bench & a workout mat. There is no need for smelly, crowded, intimidating franchised gyms filled with pesky, flirty trainers and illegal drugs such as steroids to achieve the Bikini Model ™ look!

The Bikini Model Program™ is Doctor Approved! Even my daughter is on it!”
~ Dr. Bill Colstock

Ladies- I have heard you loud and clear! You don’t have to spend another summer on the sidelines of fun when you are too insecure to take off your cover up!

This is the time to re-invent yourself and reveal the NEW YOU!

I have heard your cries loud and clear and have your solution! The fail-proof, tried and true Bikini Model Program™

I are speaking from our own personal experiences, and for other women who have gained the same results from Bikini Model Program™ and are enjoying their new Bikini Model ™ Bodies!

Myth #1
No matter how hard I work or how good I eat- I will NEVER look like a
Bikini Model ™.

FALSE!Even when all the odds seem against you, you (genetics, age, etc) you can and WILL look like a Bikini Model ™ using the tips and techniques you will find in the Bikini Model Program™

Myth #2
I would have to buy an expensive gym membership and spend thousands of dollars on a personal trainer who would kill me in the gym to have the Bikini Model ™ Body!

FALSE! You can and will achieve that coveted Bikini Model ™ look with this Bikini Model Program™ with at home convenient workouts. I know firsthand how to achieve the Bikini Model ™ look by working out in the comfort of your own home, with the essential at home fitness equipment. The fact is that you only need 5 small, easy to put away pieces of equipment that you need- and yes I said only said 5 pieces of equipment.

Myth #3
I’m too old to have a Bikini Model ™ Body!

FALSE! You are never too old to start looking and feeling your very best!

Myth #4
I will have to take expensive supplements, heart rate increasing fat burners, caffeinated energy drinks or even ephedrine to get the Bikini Model ™ Body.

FALSE! You don’t have to take any of those things because this program is doctor approved, fat blasting program! It’s a healthy sound and balanced program designed for women who want to look like they walked out of a swimwear catalogue.

Myth # 5
I would have to hire an expensive nutritionist to create a personalized diet for me to look like a
Bikini Model ™.

FALSE! Nutritionists are not necessary! They do not specialize in sports related athletic goals and objectives. JNL is a certified specialist in Sports Performance, Nutrition and Supplementation- thus much more qualified to tell you what you need than a generic nutritionist. In addition you will be wasting your time, money and energy listening to a mainstream dietician who really only relies upon the word “diet”.
(Question- What are the first 3 letters of the word DIET– Exactly! I don’t want you to die- I want you to live and live optimally looking and feeling like a Bikini Model ™)

Myth #6
I have to starve myself to look as good as a Bikini Model ™.

FALSE! With our Bikini Model Program™ you will actually be eating more, and eating more, more often! I will even tell you the foods you MUST EAT in order to LOSE WEIGHT! You will NEVER go hungry on this plan!

Myth #7
I will become a slave to looking like a Bikini Model ™ and I will have to seclude myself from everyone to look like those cover girls.

FALSE! You will discover that it is all about forming great habits as so many successful Bikini Models™ have and so can you! In the Bikini Model Program™ you will workout only 4 times a week all in the comfort of your own home. You will so much more time to enjoy with your friends and family and to lead a normal life!

Myth #8
I would have to join some kind of neighborhood weight loss center, and suffer those embarrassing weekly weigh- ins to look like a Bikini Model™. I would have to purchase and eat tasteless prepackaged and processed so called “healthy meals” that really taste like card board and are high in sodium.

FALSE! Many “ex” neighborhood weight loss center members have come to us in desperation after finding out the hard way that those highly marketed systems do not work! They are left still heavy and empty pocketed. The local weight loss centers treat their customers as mindless cattle-they herd them in, sell them processed prepackaged foods to and tell them to do cardio! With the Bikini Model Program™ you will learn personal positive characteristics such as self accountability, the secrets of weight training, why excessive cardio doesn’t work and just how simple it really is without the embarrassing weekly weigh ins!

Myth #9
I will have to endure painful, endless sessions of at least 2 hours of cardio a day to get these kinds of results

FALSE! With the Bikini Model Program™ you will learn how to work out smarter not harder- People who train for more than 2 hours a day are overtraining and end up hindering rather than helping themselves. With our Bikini Model Program™, you will learn exactly what to do and your workouts will last no longer than one hour 4 to 6 times a week! After all I am speaking from experience- I have 2 kids and a business to run and don’t have 3 hours a day to train in the gym!

Myth #10
I just had a baby- I will never have my Bikini Body back!

FALSE! Many mothers, including JNL get into the best shape of their lives after having babies and so can you!

Myth #11
I haven’t worn my skinny jeans in years- I will never be able to bounce back and get a Bikini Model ™ Body.

FALSE! No matter how long you have been out of shape or how many pounds you have to lose, the Bikini Model Program™ works because of its fat blasting, metabolism boosting, calorie burning properties.

The Bikini Model Program
This is what you will get with my Dr. approved
Bikini Model Program™:

• Enjoy exercising like a Bikini Model™ Get Max results in minimum time by working out smarter, not harder

• Eat like a Bikini Model™ Your body will perform with more energy, stamina and endurance!

• Look like a Bikini Model™ Not only will you turn heads, but you will break necks!
• Create a beauty regiment like a Bikini Model™Your hair, skin and face look and represent the ultimate look of health!

• Learn how to banish cellulite forever- it is possible!

I was Fat and Flabby in a Fuscia Bikini…


No matter how nice their intentions were, every time I heard, “Jennifer, You have such a pretty face”, it was a knock to my confidence level cause that subconsciously meant that I was un-pretty from the head down and I was tired of it.

Just like you, I was frustrated but I turned my negative emotions into a positive outcome by creating this Bikini Model Program™ which led me to be crowned Ms. Bikini America under a year of the birth of my second son!

The Bikini Model Program™ is a combined result of over 20 years of experience in the modeling industry, over 6 years of University study including my specialty in Health and Wellness and 5 years of hands on experience in the trenches of the gym! Over 6,130 personal coaching sessions and meticulous scrutiny of over what works and doesn’t to get the Bikini Model™ Look!

Say Goodbye to these Photos Below as they
Represent your soon to be “Before Photos”

The Bikini Model™ Program will help you perish the thought of old-fashioned
binding spandex girdles, Lycra Skirtinis, shortkinis, control-paneled swimwear,
swim skirts & board shorts!

  • Say goodbye to that Tankini and hello to the Bikini!
  • Say “so long” to your sarong!
  • Transform your bloated out belly back into a tight whittled flat abs
  • Achieve jiggle free arms
  • Pump up your deflated teets- yes I did say teets- back into a buxom bosom with exercises that instantly lift and separate your breast area

Take a Look at the Pictures Below Because This is
YOUR Future on the Bikini Model™ Program …

I will reveal little known secrets that those other experts’ fitness experts and diet gurus won’t tell you and you don’t even know about

  • How to banish stretch marks
  • How to eradicate cellulite
  • How to gain your elasticity back
  • How to give your droopy breasts an instant lift through scientifically proven exercises.

What’s the Difference between a
Fitness Model™ and Bikini Model™?

Women’s fitness is just not limited to aerobics anymore! In the past, women would just workout with no crystal clear objective of what they wanted to achieve. Welcome to the modern day millennium in women’s fitness where we as females now have the CHOICE to choose how we want to feel and look! Having a fitness goal is almost like shopping. You get to pick out what type of physique you want.

What is your Vision?
What are your goals and how do you want to feel and look?

What’s your vision?

Do you want to Look Like a Fitness Model ™

Do you want a body of a Fitness Model™ that has sleek and sexy muscle tone with a lower percentage of body fat and a “harder” look to your physique as though your body is sculpted out of stone?

Do you want to look like a Fitness Model™ with a stronger looking, more athletic appearance to your physique, with your sleek and sexy feminine muscle tone appearing through a very thin layer of skin due to a lower percentage of body fat as the models you see in magazines such as Fitness Rx and Oxygen Magazine?  (If so go to www.fitnessmodelprogram.com )


Do you want to Look Like a Bikini Model ™

Do you want a body of a Bikini Model™ with flat abs & a softer, lean and feminine body? If your main goal is weight loss and you want to lose inches or a size or two, this program is for you!

If you are looking to reshape your silhouette and create that hourglass figure, the Bikini Model™ Program is for you! For those of you who have mature muscle mass or who bulk up easily and want to lean out to get a more feminine, lean bikini body- as the models you see in magazines such Shape Magazine, this program is for you!

This Program is for you if…

  • If you bulk up easily and don’t want to look too muscular- this is for you! 
  • If you want to work on your posture and poise- this is for you! 
  • If you are a new mom who just had a baby and is looking for a post mommy workout to slide back into her bikini- This is for you! 
  • If you are now in the plus-size category and want to lose weight- this is for you! 
  • If you are afraid of getting too ripped/muscular or starting to look more masculine than this is the program for you! 
  • If you are already too muscular and want to lean out for a more feminine, softer appearance than this program is for you! 
  • If you want to get back into your skinny jeans- this is for you! 
  • If you want flat abs- this is for you!

As stated above, The Bikini Model Program™ is for those with mature muscle mass who bulk up easy want to lean out and have a more feminine lean bikini body or those who want to not have that super ripped muscular look of a fitness model. And please let us clarify: The Bikini Model Program™ is for the woman who does NOT want to look like a Bodybuilder or a Figure Competitor but rather a Bikini Model™

Do you want to go from Plus Size Delta Burke to
Sleek and Sexy Brooke Burke?

You can get your hourglass figure back regardless of your shape- whether you are triangle, pear shaped, apple shaped you can achieve the hourglass figure of  Bikini Model™  with a fully integrated program complete with exercises, recipes and beauty tips that will whittle your waistline and sculpt you into the masterpiece that you deserve to be.

Are you tired of trying to find the ways to conceal that extra weight around the middle, the dimpled orange peel skin and the flabby upper arms?

Do you sometimes feel in order to actually show your waistline that you have delineate the bosom area from the belly area so that it doesn’t look like one big mass of fat?

Are you tired of feeling like a stuffed sausage squeezing yourself into that black one piece “tankini” with the figure control just trying to trim down a few inches from your body shape and you are sacrificing all of your comfort?

Does your lifestyle reflect that of one who would wear a tankini or a bikini? It’s YOUR CHOICE whether you cover up or show it off! Because you too can have the Bikini Model™ Body with this easy to follow program!

Does the thought of a vacation sometimes haunt you when you think to yourself- now I have to go swimsuit shopping! To some this can be a nightmare as they spend hours in a crammed fitting room trying on suit after suit trying to find the one that compliments their body the best.

Why Camouflage when you can Create?

Stop fooling yourself in a binding one-piece sausage suit!

  • Are you tired of wearing swimsuits that have built-in tummy control with the slimming V?
  • Are you tired of covering up with tacky floral print sarongs?
  • Do you feel that sometimes your swimsuit is more of a bra top harnessing you in?
  • Do you sometimes catch yourself looking in the mirror and think that your body is starting to look like your mom’s?
  • Do you sometimes find it hard to believe that you have had to wear a black one piece (because black’s slimming, right?) with the tummy control?

It’s Time to Get Real with Yourself!

  • Why lie to yourself and the whole world by wearing something that only constricts and does not correct the real issue?


You are no longer going to need to wear any of those constricting “tummy control” swimwear- The only control you are going to need is control over your buying bikinis because you are at going to look like you have stepped off the pages of Victoria’s Secret Catalogue!

But Wait…That’s Not All, You Also Get!
In addition to the incredible Fitness Model Program you also get the following special bonus items included in your program aboslutely Free! 
Kill Your Craving Monster
(Reg $39.97)

JNL’s ™ Exclusive Kill Your Craving Monster will help you defeat that craving monster that stands between you and your weight loss goals once and for all!
Bikini Bootcamp Program
(Reg $39.97)

JNL’s ™ Exclusive Bikini Bootcamp Program will help you jumpstart your weight loss goals with her fat blasting, muscle toning workouts and energy packet, nutrient rich, muscle-fueling food plans!
Motivate to Lose Weight! MP3 Audio
(Reg $39.97)

My Instant MP3 Audio Seminar is excellent if you are stuck in a rut & need a motivational kick in the butt! Just listen and lose those unwanted pounds and gain a fresh new attitude towards achieving your fitness goals!

“Just Imagine This For A Minute…”

Picture this – You’re walking in the mall and you spot out a cute two piece swimsuit that you would just love to wear. You pick it out just hoping that it will fit. You enter into the dressing room, that little room that haunts you and always are used to leaving feeling defeated. But this time it’s different. You close the drape. Your dream bikini slips right on, and hugs your new body on all the right curves. You take a real good look at yourself in the mirror and let out a sigh of relief and of victory! It didn’t sink in till just this very moment, that you now have the body of your dreams, the body of a Bikini Model ™!

You look like a brand new woman! Your body is tight with flat abs, curves in all the right places & your arms are defined with no jiggle whatsoever!

Your glutes look lifted, tight and toned. Your quads and hamstrings are long and lean and feminine. You just can’t help but to smile with pride, joy and happiness knowing that you too now look like a Bikini Model ™!

You are feeling so great and you are oozing with sexy confidence, so you decide to GO FOR IT! To make sure you are NOT dreaming, you decide to try on a string bikini –and YEP! You are definitely NOT dreaming.

For the first time in your life-You have created your own version of what YOU would look like as a Bikini Model ™! And your whole entire life has improved!

Every where you go, you are now exuding your new fresh healthy aura of a Bikini Model ™! As you head out to work or school… you realize that men are staring at you. Little do they know that you are a mom, or a full time student, or a 9-5 business executive! And now you are not walking, but striding and strutting with purpose, confidence that’s elegant and sexy! They all think that you are a Bikini Model ™ because your body shows it!

Imagine, for the first time… being like the woman on those fitness and health magazine covers! The woman you always dreamed of becoming, but always thought impossible!

Well, it’s NOT impossible, because it’s just one step away! You can achieve the  Bikini Model™ look with this complete easy to follow program that you can do in the comfort of your own home with only 5 pieces of at home gym equipment!

“Nothing happens by just thinking about it,
you must take action and do it!”

So I urge you to stop wasting time and don’t procrastinate! Take action today!  If you have not yet reached your fitness goals, and don’t know where to start, your answer is HERE! You must make a change to begin to feel happy with how you look and feel.

NOW is the time to arm yourself with the tools you need to…

Create unbelievable feminine muscle definition!

Command more respect!

Become more confident!

Get noticed when you walk into a room!

No more wasting time and energy in the gym!

No more surfing the Internet for the “latest and greatest” routine or ‘quick fix.’

Shapely. Curvy. Healthy. You’ve got it all and you’re loving it!

“Everything you have been looking for is
just a click away! Its right at your finger tips.”

Secure No-Risk Acceptance Form

JNL, I’m ready to transform my physique WITHOUT dangerous steroids, WITHOUT unneccessary supplements, and WITHOUT delay!

I understand that I’m getting instant download access to…

If I don’t take action NOW and do something by investing in the Bikini Model Program™, Will I spend another summer covered up, insecure and hiding in the shadows or will I celebrate by untying and tossing my sarong to stop coverings up and show it off!

Jennifer Nicole Lee
The Fitness Model Program™
JNL@JenniferNicoleLee.com ACE Certified Personal Trainer

ACE Certified Group Instructor
ISSA Certified Specialist in
Sports Nutrition

“The Bikini Model ™ Program was an instant breast lift and tummy tuck without the thousands of dollars, painful swelling and soreness downtime”
-Kathy Nielsen Boise, Idaho

 “Ever since I have had the baby I feel like I have morphed into an Asexual Aunt Jemima baby holder!”
-Jamika White Boston, Massachusetts

“The Bikini Model ™ Program has empowered me! I have graduated from the horrific years of wearing Skirtinis and Tankinis! And now for the first time in years, I’m wearing a bikini!”
-Johanna Puentes San Juan, Puerto Rico

“I don’t have to wear any shape wear swimsuits with built in tummy panels to smooth out any bulges or slim my hiplines…Thank goodness for the Bikini Model ™ Program!!!”
– Tina Pearlman, Dallas, TX

“My Victoria’s Secret Credit Card bill is sky high now that I implemented this program! Thank you!”
-Ivanka Peterson, New York, New York

 “Hold up! JNL, you are charging way too little for this complete program! It would cost me thousands of dollars if I hired a trainer, paid a gym membership and hired a nutritionist to give me what you are giving me in this program for a very small one time investment!”
–Elizabeth Johnson Houston, TX

Here’s to your new sexy and fit lean physique!

Professional Fitness Coach
Contributor To Oxygen Magazine
International Weight Loss Success Story
Appearances on Oprah, The Big Idea, CBS, Inside Edition, and E! Entertainment

I’m ready to Build that Bikini Body that I Deserve!

There are young girls and older ladies out there right now, paying THOUSANDS of dollars and seeing no results. There are literally hundreds of people using my system right now and living their dreams. If you stick with me… I see no reason why you can’t make INCREDIBLE GAINS in a crazy short period of time. Don’t you deserve to be the best you can be?

I’m ready JNL… Sign me up now!

If you don’t think this is the best deal to be found ANYWHERE… remember what Sabrina said?”… “As others have suggested, you definitely need to charge more for the program. I personally was shocked at how inexpensive it was and almost didn’t purchase it because it seemed “too” inexpensive Sabrina, Miami Florida, USA

Enough with all the talking. I’m a “Make it Happen”
Kind of Woman! Sign me up!

And stop wasting your time, money and energy on personal trainers, supplements you don’t even need, expensive gym memberships, hundreds of dollars on gas money driving to the gym when you can get more results in less time with spending less time money and energy!


The Luxury Italian Fashion Brand Introduces First Womens Fragrance Bottega Veneta

27 Jul

The luxury fashion brand introduces its first women’s fragrance with this artistic Bruce Weber film starring Nine D’Urso, daughter of Ines De La Fressange.

Bottega Veneta, the luxury leather manufacturer has unveiled their first fragrance,  conceptualized by Thomas Maier, the creative director at Bottega in collaboration with Coty Prestige.

Maier explains his inspiration for the project as a mental picture of a “room with old wood floors, library walls and leather-bound books with the windows open wide, the breeze coming in and cut grass, hay, moss, garden flowers, growing through the room and everything mixing up”.

The result is an alluring blend of oak moss, Brazilian pink peppercorns, Indian jasmine sambac, Indian patchouli and Italian bergamot. All these special scents are captured in elegant bottles made by Murano glassmakers.

The perfume will only be found in one of the 165 Bottega Veneta boutiques around the world, at 395 $ (about 275 €) for 3 oz, along with other beauty products will be available together with the new fragrance are body lotions, body creams and shower gels.

For the ad campaign, Bottega Veneta chose the image of Nine d’Urso, the eldest daughter of Inés de la Fressange, the renowned French fashion icon. “I chose Nine to introduce this fragrance because there is something classically elegant about her, yet she is totally modern. She conveys a sense of heritage worn lightly but with respect”, Maier said. The pictures of young Nine for the fragrance campaign will be taken by Bruce Weber. On July 17 the first launch of the new fragrance will take place at Harrods.


Naomi Campbell Upset Over Cadbury Chocolate Racey Ad Campaign

1 Jun

Naomi Campbell’s ‘Cadbury’ race row has taken another turn, after the supermodel revealed she is considering “every option available” following the chocolate giant’s refusal to pull a controversial ad campaign. Naomi Campbell became incensed after the company allegedly compared her to a chocolate bar in new promotional material, reports Cnn.

Campbell is accusing Cadbury of racism after a strap line to promote its new ‘Bliss’ chocolate bar read, “Move over Naomi – there is a new diva in town”. Campbell reacted angrily to the campaign, saying, “I am shocked. It’s upsetting to be described as chocolate, not just for me, but for all black women and black people. I do not find any humour in this. It is insulting and hurtful”. The confectionary company, run by US giant Kraft, refused to pull the campaign despite Campbell’s grievances. The model’s mother Valerie Morris echoed her daughter’s comments, saying, “I’m deeply upset by this racist advert. Do these people think they can insult black people and we just take it? This is the 21st century, not the 1950s. Shame on Cadbury”. The campaign group ‘Operation Black Vote’ has also called for Cadbury to apologise, with spokesman Simon Woolley saying, “Racism in the playground starts with black children being called ‘chocolate bar’. At best, this is insensitive, and at worst it demonstrates Cadbury’s utter disregard for causing offence”.

Naomi Campbell would not confirm online reports that she plans to call for a boycott of Cadbury products, however, she is allegedly considering legal action.



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