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Spotted On Celebs Dame Phantom II Diamond Rings By Hoorsenbuh’s Collection

3 Aug


Dame Phantom Ring


White gold double band ring set with white diamonds.

Barneys style #: 293077805



Icy Phantom Clique Ring


Yellow gold double band set with black diamonds and white gold tri-link center band with white diamonds.

Barneys style #: 500384413



Dame Phantom II Ring



Rose gold double banded ring set with four diamonds.

  • 16mm face


Barneys style #: 501104660


What the left hand is known for: loyalty and fidelity.  Romantic expectations and vows honored, usually enshrined in platinum and diamonds.

However, your right hand — that lucky minx — gets to be a little bit naughtier.

A Phantom cuff and rings from Hoorsenbuhs. Smith/Nelson

Take the Hoorsenbuhs ring above, for example.  It’s the perfect right hand ring.  Even its name is bold and a bit risque: the Dame Phantom II.  This sounds more like a superhero’s car than a ring, but this is appropriate for the amount of vrrooom it gives off.

What we also love: the interplay of sweetness and edge.  Sweetness: the rose gold.  Edge: black diamonds.  This is clearly the accessory — and jewelry line — for a woman both feminine and powerful.

Like any sassy dame, the Hoorsenbuhs ring comes with a great story to tell.  Designer Robert Keith named his company after a ship owned by his Dutch ancestors, who ferried precious metals and gems around the world.

It’s no wonder, then, that his current creations exude a sense of adventure.

Once only available for custom orders, Hoorsenbuhs jewelry has been a huge hit since becoming available at Barneys New York.

Spotted on celebs like the Katie Holmes and the Olsens, this 18k gold and diamond ring takes a relatively traditional horsey design and sparks it with bling. Bold and unisex, it is available at Barneys for USD $5,000. I could see this as a really nice wedding set – it also comes in sterling silver with gold beads for $1500 and in a slightly modified design (the Dame Phantom II) with fewer diamonds. Get it now before the price of gold goes up AGAIN.

Shop our Hoorsenbuhs collection here, and make sure to check out the very cool, increasingly famous Hoorsenbuhs link ring collection.

Mary-Kate And Ashley Olsen Launch New Range of Luxury Handbags ‘The Row’

30 Jul

Twin sisters Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen will launch their new range of luxury handbags. They are American movie and television actress.

The new collection of luxury handbags has been launched under their fashion label ‘The Row’. Stated to debut Barney’s departmental store, New York in August, bag consist of nine designs including a day tote, backpack, doctor bag and a shoulder bag made from python and alligator.

The bag collection is an amalgamation of new age style and old world glamour. The bags look very chic and contemporary despite a hint of old world styling. Twin sisters recently also dressed up US First lady Michelle Obama.

While we look forward to every new collection from Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen‘s The Row, Fall 2011 promises to be particularly crave-worthy. Once again, the duo has gone above and beyond to track down materials that push the boundary of contemporary luxury: strips of mink are woven into cashmere knits, double-sided fox fur provides unprecedented coziness.

Sleek and sophisticated, they blend old-world glamour with contemporary chic—a rare balance that has come to define The Row, season after season.

Below, we listen in as the designers interview one another about inspiration, collaboration, and raiding Picasso‘s wardrobe.


Mary-Kate to Ashley

Mary-Kate Olsen: What is your favorite piece of clothing you’ve designed for The Row?

Ashley Olsen: I would have to say our first t-shirt. We have evolved so much since that first tee, but every collection is based on the same standards—luxurious fabrics, impeccable fit, and the highest level of quality.

MKO: What are the wardrobe staples you can’t live without?

AO: A great pair of vintage jeans, a tailored suit, a crisp white button down, Parisian stripes, and a great men’s watch.

MKO: If you could tap any designer to collaborate with The Row, who would it be?

AO: For Resort 2012, we collaborated with Ileana Makri on a small fine jewelry collection. It’s all about what feels right in the moment and what works with each collection. I cannot say who we will partner with next, but we feel it is important that we have a strong connection with the person, as is the case with Ileana, and that we have a passion for the product.

MKO: What’s the best fashion city: L.A.? New York? Paris? London? Tokyo?

AO: I don’t believe you can say any city is the best city for fashion. We started The Row in L.A., we are now based in New York, and we are about to open our first permanent showroom in Paris. We also have extremely important retail partners in London and Tokyo. They are all important fashion cities in their own right.

MKO: What’s the best fashion era of all time?

AO: There are important style contributions from almost every era. Drawing on the right references at the right time is the key.


Ashley to Mary-Kate

AO: What are your favorite materials and textiles to work with?

MKO: I love furs and skins because the textures are so compelling. We push ourselves and our team to consider new ideas and techniques for incorporating them.

AO: Who are some of your favorite designers (past and present)?

MKO: John Galliano, Yohji Yamamoto. They have and continue to redefine fashion.

AO: Do you have a style philosophy? For whom do you dress?

MKO: I dress for me and usually whatever suits my mood.

AO: If you could raid any person’s wardrobe (alive or dead), who would it be?

MKO: Picasso.

AO: What current trend would you like to see disappear?

MKO: My problem is not with the trends themselves, but the fact that trends are constantly repeating themselves.

AO: Where do you go and what do you do to unwind?

MKO: I like to travel when I can, which isn’t often. Otherwise, I like to be at home in New York with friends.

Barneys Newyork- Shop The Row

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