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Ellis Faas Make Up Products Makes Great Holiday Gifts

21 Nov

With its liquid consistency, these innovative and long lasting eye shadows transform into a matte powder upon application with the Ellis Faas signature pen.

Ellis Faas eye shadow leaves a smooth finish and will not build up in eyelid creases, making it suitable for all skin types.

Liquid to powder eye shadow is also ideal for women who are sensitive to traditional powdered eye shadow, including contact lens wearers.

CREAMY EYES – E103 to E109
Ellis has tested hundreds of eye shadows over the course of her career, and the moment she tried the formula of what has become Ellis Faas Creamy Eyes, she fell in love with its velvety texture.

With its quick-drying properties and special blend of flower and coffee extracts, Creamy Eyes provides coverage without heaviness.

Turn to Creamy Eyes for shaping and contour.

Use it like a thick pencil around the eye or in the eyelid crease, or cover the entire eyelid using the built-in Ellis Faas Creamy Eyes brush, then fade the edges with the fingertips.

(For extra drama, experiment with layering multiple colours of Creamy Eyes.)
Click here to see all available shades on three different skin tones.

MILKY EYES – E203 to E209

With a more translucent texture than Creamy Eyes, and a deeper, more vivid palette, Ellis Faas Milky Eyes can be used as a colour stain or a subtle wash.

For a soft and sophisticated look, use the specifically designed Ellis Faas Milky Eyes sponge applicator to apply Milky Eyes all over the eyelid, then fade it with the fingertips.

For more intense colour, simply re-apply a second layer of Milky Eyes.

(Ellis particularly likes applying Milky Eyes across the lid and then intensifying the colour in a second layer close to the lashes.)

Pair Creamy Eyes and Milky Eyes for a dramatic look: First use Creamy Eyes for shape, then add Milky Eyes for a sheen of colour.

Click here to see all available shades on three different skin tones.

Ellis Faas has designed the Lights to complement the eye shadows in the range of her cosmetics brand. All Ellis Faas eye shadows are non-shimmery, so combining them with the Lights, creates infinite possibilities to play with shadow and light – which is exactly what applying makeup is all about.

Ellis created Lights that are more than merely highlighters.

Like practically all Ellis Faas products, these are liquid, but they dry upon application, and then the Lights give the illusion of having a small metallic sheet on the eyelid.

Because the particles in the product are so fine, it will appear from a distance that the shiny texture is oily or wet – even though it is perfectly dry with a smooth finish, so you won’t feel any stickiness on the eyelids, and they will not build up in eyelid creases.

They are available in five shades: warm silver, greenish gold, bronze, lilac and holographic Bordeaux.

MASCARA – E401 and E402

Ellis Faas mascara features a creamy texture that perfectly coats, lengthens and separates each individual lash and is well-suited for customizing different looks.
Use the elegant, long wand of the brush to stroke on one coat to accentuate your lashes with subtlety, or to frame your eyes with more a more dramatic effect, build up the lashes with additional coats.
Available in Black (E401) and Chocolate Brown (E402).
EYELINER – E501 and E502

Like Ellis Faas eye shadow, Ellis Faas eyeliner transforms from a liquid into a powder, but with an extra matte finish. With a perfectly shaped brush that ensures precision lines with each application, Ellis Faas eyeliner defines the eye with intense colour. Available in Black (E501) and Chocolate Brown (E502).

Ellis Faas dubbed her new collection Human Colours and looked to the human body for her inspiration.

Every shade is inspired by colors that exist in the human body.

From the tawny peach of a freckle to the vivid red that pulses through our veins. The idea is that because these shades naturally occur within, they are flattering to every skin tone (which they clearly illustrate on the site by showing each lip color on white, dark and Asian skin tones, as shown above from the left. Brilliant~wht)

If the concept on color wasn’t innovative enough, all Ellis Faas products, save for the powder, are packaged in somewhat lethal-looking, bullet-shaped click pens that can be kept in the Ellis Faas Holder, a canister that keeps all Ellis Faas products neatly organized in your purse.

Summary: I am a huge make up lover. I love make up brands that are very flattering on a wide range of skin tones. As a ethnic woman myself it is truly hard to find color’s that are flattering to my skin tone.

The Ellis Faas make up collection is a innovative concept of color’s. I have to say is quite amazing when you view her swatches on her website.

Every color that she has made part of her personal own collection are color’s that exist in the human body.

Made with the highest quality ingredients. Ellis Faas Human Colors inspire exploration: No matter what complexion, age or style, with Ellis Faas a woman can customize her own look with subtle effects or dramatic flair with colors that are sure to complement and flatter.

Human Colors is all about going back to nature without having to appear natural. This is because the colors can be used to achieve a subdued natural look in an extravagant theatrical way – and any style in between.

Ellis Faas youth consisted of Vogue magazine page’s ripped out and taped onto her bedroom wall as a young girl. Ellis always had a natural eye for fashion.

Soon after she developed a passion for photography where later she found herself becoming the model and many of times always transforming herself into someone completely different from the last look she would do.

Over that time period she took up a quick course in Amsterdam that later led her to Paris where she trained in make up and special effects.

She then went back to the Netherlands to work as a make up artist for many fashion magazines and well as on two movies.

Ellis Faas later moved to London where she became very successful in her field of make up. She began to do more creative work for medical show’s displaying her talents on skin diseases for medical inserts. As well as working with popular pop star’s of that decade.

She had a daughter soon after and then then opened up her own photography business in Amsterdam where she began to take photo’s of her clients as well as did their make up. Later her photography business became known as a make over studio. Her make over studio did well and was a success.

She remained active in the world of fashion and worked along the side of a famous Dutch fashion photographer Inez van Lamsweerde.

Soon after Mario Testino came to Amsterdam to shoot a series for Vogue. While there he needed a make up artist to work along side him that would match his concept. He chose Ellis Faas out of many books of various artists in that country.

Both of them enjoyed working together and decided to collabarate and travel abroad together. Before she knew it she was traveling to London, New York , and Los Angeles. The rest to be honest is history.

Take a moment if your interested to read more about this fascinating woman. How history plays such a vital importance to how our lives unfold.

Ellis Human Colors complement all skin tones, and when it comes to looking one’s best, what better way to highlight a great feature or mask an imperfection than with tones and hues that already exist in each of us?

Now with that understanding you truly now understand the work that went into her make up line. Truly something for every woman from every walk of life!

So if your looking for something new and exciting and made with the highest quality ingredients. With the Holiday’s around the corner think of Ellis Faas make up collection!

Found in limited stores in the Usa. Bloomingdales and New York. So check out their website the link is at the bottom.

Dare to be beautiful~

Ellis Faas Make Up Collection

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