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Mariah Carey And Nick Cannon Open Up On Pregnancy Of Their Twins On HSN Network

26 Jul

Photo HSN

The singer opens up about how hard it was to carry two babies at once. Plus, she and hubby Nick Cannon dish about diaper duty!

On her first official television appearance since the birth of her twins Moroccan and Monroe aka Roc & Roe Mariah Carey appears on HSN to debut her apparel line and gets a lovely visit from hubby Nick Cannon while on air and they talk about the babies!!


Who Runs The World Beyonce She Graces The Cover Of Complex Magazine

20 Jul

Story By Gabriel Alvarez; Photography By Thierry Le Gouès; Typography Sculptures by Ebon Heath

Who runs the pop world? Beyoncé. After a year away to spread her wings, Queen Bey is back to reclaim her throne.

Conventional wisdom holds that people should be afraid of turning 30. It’s the dreaded age when the biological clock starts tickin’ with the menace of a time bomb. Thirty is the point at which someone can call a woman “old”—and she will actually believe it. Conventional wisdom says that turning 16, 18, and 21 kicks ass. Turning 30 kicks rocks.

Of course conventional wisdom isn’t all that wise. Thirty ain’t all that bad. (In truth, women tend to be the most well-rounded and sexiest during their 30s. #justsayin) Still, it has a way of focusing people. Beyoncé Giselle Knowles turns 30 in September. She’s acutely aware of time slipping into the future. Her ticking clock, however, has nothing to do with insecure thoughts of feeling old or washed up. Not by a long shot.

No, Beyoncé is in a race against time because of a simple, bluntly put question: Where the f*&k does she go from here? What does thirtysomething feel like if you’ve accomplished everything most people could ever dream of—wealth, fame, artistic accolades, love—in your teens and twenties?

It turns out that, for Beyoncé, the answer to that question is equally simple (and bluntly put). Where does she go? Wherever the f*&k she wants to. Bey has spent the last 15 years paying dues. Now a worldwide icon, she has set her heart and mind to establishing a legacy that she’s determined will be dictated by artistic freedom. She’s not afraid of turning 30. If anything, the world should be afraid of her turning 30. Read More……

Complex. Com

Lady Gaga’s Wheelchair Number Upsets Fans At Her Concert In Sydney

14 Jul

Photo by Jakob Dewartz

The controversial wheel-chair number divided critics at the exclusive gig.

Lady Gaga is so weird that we’ve kinda just gotten used to it. Nothing she does really shocks us anymore. Gaga, perhaps sensing that her weirdness has become normal, decided to really make her fans drop their jaws at her concert in Sydney on Wednesday by coming on stage in a wheelchair.

The move did not go over well with those in attendance. After her performance, while leaving a Sydney club, Gaga and her entourage were egged by fans who thought her disability routine was offensive rather than outrageous. Gaga herself wasn’t directly hit by an egg, but her group was, and you can be sure that they were aiming for her, even if they did miss.

It’s not the first time that Gaga has addressed disabilities or used a wheelchair. During the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards she hired an able-bodied dancer for her Paparazzi routine, but the catch was he would be performing in a wheelchair. Gaga also rolled out in a wheelchair in her Paparazzi video, after having been pushed over a railing by her on-screen boyfriend Alexander Skarsgard.

What do you think – was it harmlessly outrageous or highly offensive?

Christina Aguilera Bares It All On W Magazine Music And Style

16 Jun

WHEN Christina Aguilera was six years old, she would escape the chaos and trauma of her family by thinking of Julie Andrews singing “The Sound of Music.” “I watched her twirl around those mountains, and she was just so free,” Aguilera recalled when we met to talk about her nightmare tabloid year of divorce, flubbed lyrics, falls on national television, winding up in the wrong bed, and (finally) triumph.

“I felt caged by my childhood. And unsafe: Bad things happened in my home; there was violence. The Sound of Music looked like a form of release. I would open my bedroom window to sing out like Maria. In my own way, I’d be in those hills.” Aguilera paused. She is small and, as she spoke, was nearly swallowed by a large, overstuffed couch in the lobby lounge of the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Manhattan, where she was staying.

Aguilera looked more “Oliver” than von Trapp—she was dressed like an urchin in a large gray sweater and black leggings, and her bright yellow hair was barely visible under a sideways schoolboy cap. Her skin was pale; she was not wearing her trademark red lipstick but, as a kind of concession to girlishness, had on sky-high platform stripper heels. “Sometimes,” Aguilera continued, “especially in the last six months, I still feel like going to the window and singing out all my troubles.”

She looked down, laughed quietly, and shook her head a little. “I laugh a lot lately. People expect me to cry, but I always laugh when things go wrong.” Read More Here: W Magazine Online

Don’t forget to pick up your copy of W Magazine at your local news stands!

Pop Singer Lady Gaga Is A Fashion Icon By Council Of Fashion Designers

15 Jun

Pop singer Lady Gaga is a fashion icon.

With so many people already expecting Lady Gaga to be officially given a fashion-related award, news of the pop star being named a fashion icon by the Council of Fashion Designers of America isn’t really something we would call news.

But it has really happened, and the attention-seeking performer has officially become relevant to the fashion world.

It’s one thing to be featured in fashion magazines because your face helps move issues on the newsstands, it’s another to be recognised and honoured by an organisation of established designers for your eccentric fashion sense.

What we actually enjoyed about Lady Gaga’s win is her acceptance speech, and the fact that she didn’t play the pretentious, I-know-my-stuff card when she delivered it.

Instead, she spoke truthful, informed, and grateful words for her fans and the CFDA – and likened the ever-changing face of fashion with endless possibilities.

“My fans, some of them don’t know who they are and they have so much trouble. They come to the Monster Ball to find who they are and they wake up in the morning and it’s that leather jacket that makes them feel like they can be anyone.”

“Or it’s that YSL blazer that they saw in the window that makes them feel like they could be president one day. Fashion means so much to them,” the Born This Way singer said.




Video: Rhianna Styles Jaw Dropping Bikini On Loud Tour

7 Jun

Photos by: Rex/BEImages

The singer kicks her jaw-dropping style up by rocking a revealing beaded bikini on her “Loud” tour. Check out her sexy stage costume!

Summary: Over the weekend Rihanna unveiled an innovation when it comes to bikinis which was constructed from neon-colored beads. She stripped down to the beaded bikini during her performance on her Loud Tour in Baltimore, Maryland, at first it was concealed by a blue trench coat that she entered the stage wearing which she later removed. We have said it so many times that Rihanna loves to wear unusual outfits she could be compared to lady gaga but we won’t go there since we know deep down that Lady Gaga goes too far when it comes to her wardrobe.


Actress Jennifer Aniston Accepts Decade Of Hotness Award

7 Jun

Actress Jennifer Aniston accepts the Decade of Hotness award onstage during Spike TV’s 5th annual 2011 “Guys Choice” Awards at Sony Pictures Studios on June 4, 2011 in Culver City, California. (// Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images North America)



Gwyneth Paltrow Decides Not To Tour With Matthew Morrison

4 Jun

Gwyneth Paltrow has reportedly dropped out of Matthew Morrison’s tour because she is worried about how it will affect her image.

The actress – who has two kids with husband Chris Martin – was reportedly set to give the opening performance at several of the Glee star’s dates in America, but has backed out at the last minute.

A source told the Mail on Sunday: ‘Gwyneth thought it would be bad for her image to go off on a US tour. She pulled out and Matthew has cancelled a number of his gigs. But he is still planning to come to London in June and they have plans to go out to dinner. She’s not ruling out performing with him in the future.’

But Paltrow’s spokesperson has claimed: ‘There are no plans for her to tour with Matthew. There were requests for her to perform at a few events but nothing was ever confirmed.’


Rock Star Pink And Carey Hart Gave Birth To A Baby Girl

3 Jun

A very pregnant Pink (aka Alicia Moore) arrives at Neptune Net Restaurant where she meets up with her husband, Carey Hart, for an outdoor lunch with friends. (// Photos/ by Bauer Griffin)

Pink (Alecia Moore) ‘become a mother for the first time. The American rock star gave birth to a baby girl, Willow Sage. As reported in the British tabloid “Daily Mail”, the singer has left a brief statement on Twitter.

“My husband Carey Hart and I are thrilled -Pink wrote on the social network just seven hours after his daughter birth –and that ‘ she is beautiful, healthy and looks like his father’.”

The fact that the interpreter of “Get the Party Started” was going to give birth was announced by the singer’s images at a Los Angeles hospital. “During this period – Pink had written Twitter – I think it’s better to start something new.”

The couple had been advised of the possible birth date. “Pink did her last check on May 12 – revealed a source close to the rock star – and was told that everything would happen in three weeks. So it did happen right on schedule.

“ This is a happy arrival that Pink and her husband Carey Hurt have prepared properly. The two new parents have in fact spent nearly $ 12 million, and another ‘€ 8 million for a new home, a lot more appropriated for a ‘ big “family.”



Singer Lady Gaga Went Bankrupt Over Outfits For Monster Ball Tour

3 Jun


Singer Lady Gaga has claimed that she went bankrupt during The Monster Ball Tour because she spent too much money on outfits for the show.

In an interview with Stephen Fry for the Financial Times, the Judas hitmaker says that at one point she was $3m [£1.82m] in debt – despite having had five No. 1 singles.

Gaga, 25, said: ‘I put everything in the show, and I actually went bankrupt after the first extension of the Monster Ball. And it was funny because I didn’t know! And I remember I called everybody and said, ‘Why is everyone saying I have no money? This is ridiculous, I have five No. 1 singles’ – and they said, ‘Well, you’re $3m in debt.”

The tour, which ended last month, was seen by 2.5m people and finally managed to rake in £138m.



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