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Open Talk: 6 Great Alternatives To A Gym Membership

27 Feb

Everyday more individuals are seeking to either lose weight, increase muscle mass or improve their cardiovascular system. The first thought that comes to mind is to simply join a gym or workout facility. However, if you are one who cringes to the idea of working out with 50 or so strangers at any given time, then there are great alternatives for you to accomplish your fitness goals within your comfort zone.

Although a workout facility offers advanced equipment and the opportunity to get out the house, many individuals, mostly women, are tired of the ‘gym atmosphere’ since nowadays it’s being used as a pick-up-joint or a place to hangout. Working out in a gym can also become unsettling, dry and boring as many are poorly managed and offer very little motivation as members are surrounded by dirty machines, filthy locker rooms, low energy, depressed spirits, and bad music. And for those on a tight budget, gym memberships range anywhere from $20 to $100 per month, per individual, and in today’s economy, people are seeking to stretch their dollars as far as possible.

The first important point to remember about getting fit is that you need to enjoy any workout you do. The second important point is that fitness can only be achieved through consistency; consistency can only be achieved through motivation; motivation can only be achieved through enjoying what you do—and below are 6 enjoyable gym alternatives to get you started. Read More……..

Written By: Sanjana George
Source: Open Talk Magazine  26/02/2011

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