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Video Preview: Reality Star Audrina Patridge’s Shape Cover July 2011

21 Jun


Ill. Repbulican Aaron Schock Show’s Off His Ab’s On Cover Of Men’s Health

10 May

Move over, Scott Brown – another Republican is reclaiming his title as the hottest congressman.

And he’s hoping to help cut down health-care costs along the way.

Illinois Rep. Aaron Schock opened his shirt on the cover of this month’s Men’s Health to speak about his launch of a new fitness program, Fit for Summer, Fit for Life.

It’s designed to help Americans take control of their health – and cut down on health-care costs for the country – but the 29-year-old congressman’s six-pack may be getting as much attention as his workout plan.

On the Congressman’s official Facebook page, one fan thanked him for “sharing your commitment to health, wellness and fitness.

The best way to control health-care costs is not through policy, but through individuals taking accountability for their health. Way to go!”

Another added, “And for showing off your abs! Hot!”

Schock, a Republican from Peoria, is the youngest member of the House.

His Take the Fit for Life Summer program is designed as an easy weight-loss plan combining nutrition and an exercise plan for five weeks.

“Health care may be the single biggest factor in our nation’s ongoing budget crisis. Yet eight out of every 10 dollars we spend on health care is spent on diseases that are preventable; if only we took better care of ourselves,” he wrote in the mag’s push for the plan.

“Think of the billions of dollars we could use for better infrastructure, renewable energy and job creation. Not to mention a little more cash in your pocket!”

While he mostly votes along party lines, Schock told the magazine his fitness role model was the First Lady, who created the “Let’s Move” campaign to encourage children to be active.

“She and I come from the same state, Illinois, which is No. 4 in the nation for obese children,” he added.

This isn’t the first time the second-term representative has been noticed for his body. In 2009, the Huffington Post voted him the Hottest Freshman in Congress, and he was grilled on “The Colbert Report” about his abs.

Pictures of him shirtless have circulated across gossip columns and magazines since he was first elected to Congress in 2008.

NY Daily News

Open Talk: 6 Great Alternatives To A Gym Membership

27 Feb

Everyday more individuals are seeking to either lose weight, increase muscle mass or improve their cardiovascular system. The first thought that comes to mind is to simply join a gym or workout facility. However, if you are one who cringes to the idea of working out with 50 or so strangers at any given time, then there are great alternatives for you to accomplish your fitness goals within your comfort zone.

Although a workout facility offers advanced equipment and the opportunity to get out the house, many individuals, mostly women, are tired of the ‘gym atmosphere’ since nowadays it’s being used as a pick-up-joint or a place to hangout. Working out in a gym can also become unsettling, dry and boring as many are poorly managed and offer very little motivation as members are surrounded by dirty machines, filthy locker rooms, low energy, depressed spirits, and bad music. And for those on a tight budget, gym memberships range anywhere from $20 to $100 per month, per individual, and in today’s economy, people are seeking to stretch their dollars as far as possible.

The first important point to remember about getting fit is that you need to enjoy any workout you do. The second important point is that fitness can only be achieved through consistency; consistency can only be achieved through motivation; motivation can only be achieved through enjoying what you do—and below are 6 enjoyable gym alternatives to get you started. Read More……..

Written By: Sanjana George
Source: Open Talk Magazine  26/02/2011

Sofia Vergara Covers March Shape Magazine 2011

22 Feb

Sofia Vergara covers the March 2011 issue of Shape Magazine. I joked a few posts back about the magazine running out of bikinis, because they’d put Marisa Miller in a dress too. I guess there’s some kind of crippling bikini shortage (perhaps Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue had some kind of custom job built out of scraps from the laundry hamper).

Because Shape has decided to put Vergara’s amazing curves in a dress. A not especially nice dress. In a really odd colour that does nothing for her.

You pretty much can’t tell she has a waist, or boobs, or two arms/ hands/ legs for that matter. It’s a pretty oddly-composited shot and there’s not much to like about it. Which is a shame, as I rather like her. That said, she’s being rather repetitive in her interviews again. Talking about being a proud Latina and how that influences a positive body image… blah, blah.

* On being make-up free: ‘If I walk outside without lipstick, I feel naked,’ the actress, 38, tells the March issue of Shape, in which she’s named the sexiest woman in Hollywood.

* On her favourite body part: ‘I’m sure men would tell you it’s my boobs, but I like my eyes,’ she says. ‘They have a natural cats-eye shape, so I try to play that up.’

* Of her frequent workout sessions with trainer Gunnar Peterson: ‘Oh, I hate it. But I also know that at my age, I’m almost 40, I have to do it to maintain my figure. When I can, I try to do Latin dancing for exercise because it’s so much fun and I just love the music. Two hours before I go [to the gym], I’m already wishing it was over. I psychologically fool myself into believing it’s part of my job.’

* On being proud of her age and heritage: ‘I think when women reach a certain age, they look better with a little fat in their face,’ she tells the issue. ‘I’m lucky I’m Latin because people expect me to be a bit more plump.’

* On how Latin women are more confident: ‘Confident people have a way of carrying themselves that makes others more attracted to them,’ she says. ‘Latin women are very comfortable with their bodies and their sexuality. We aren’t afraid to show that off a little bit more.’

* On her family’s approach to beauty: ‘All the women in my family are that way. We put make-up on to give birth. When I started feeling contractions with my son [Manolo, 19], the first thing I did was wash and blow-dry my hair before I went to the hospital. You never know how long you’ll be in labor. It could be days until you’re able to take a shower.’

Shape Magazine Website

Kelly Osbourne On Cover of Shape Magazine In A Red Bikini

18 Nov

A long road and many battle’s later Kelly Osbourne fights her way back through all that weight she’s lost!

50 pounds later, and living a life in a body that you come to hate.

Not loving and respecting yourself because others take power from your being. Just because you don’t fit society’s standards. It’s what put Kelly back on the map.

Kelly Osbourne grace’s cover with a red bikini in next month’s Shape magazine, and it was a photo shoot that had her in tears!

After the shoot, done last month, Kelly tweeted “I just got done trying all the bikinis on I have never worn one in my life! I had a little tears of joy moment in the bathroom! I cried in my interview I just can’t believe today happened it your not going to believe ur eyes!”

After a life-long battle with her weight and eating disorders, Kelly Osbourne, is now healthy, confident and gorgeous.

Kelly rock’s a red bikini on the December cover of Shape Magazine . She also share’s personal stories about growing up with weight issues.

“I was called fat and ugly in the press almost my entire life,” Osbourne,says. “I understand that being judged by others comes with the territory, but it broke my heart and ruined my self esteem.

It sets you up to hate yourself in a huge way. I was so angry about the things people said about me. I truly believe it’s the main reason I turned to Vicodin and ended up in rehab three times. I just hated myself.”

Now loving her new body and her healthy life she is happy and at peace where she is in her life at the moment.

So nice to see her happy and loving her new lifestyle of health and wellness.

The new issue of Shape drops November 22.

I love Shape magazine!

Shape Magazine


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