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How To Stay Cool In Summer With Effortless And Stylish Updos

5 Jun

The Elegant Updo—Instead of a simple bun, try this tucked-up look from Dolce & Gabbana’s fall ’11 show. Apply a root-lifting spray to dampen hair and blow-dry. Start with a middle-part and lightly twist low sections on each side until they meet in the back, and secure with bobby-pins. Gather the rest of the hair, twist up, tuck in the ends, and then loosely pin. Finish with a light mist of hairspray.

John Frieda Luxurious Volume Lavish Lift Root Booster, $5.99, available at Drugstore.com; Redken Forceful 23 Super Strength Finishing Spray, $15, visit Redken for salons; Dolce & Gabbana fall ’11 images courtesy of Redken.

The Braided Swoop—We love a good braid, but we also love that these mini-plaits work for ladies with bangs, too. First, apply a lightweight finishing serum to tame flyways. Then, start on one side of the head and braid across. Pull the braids across your forehead and secure with bobby-pins. Finish with hairspray.

Phyto Phytolisse Finishing Serum, $30, available at Sephora; Davines Glam Power Hairspray, $25, visit Davines for salons; image courtesy of Pixie Market.

The Twisted Bun—We’ve been digging the side-twist for a while now, mainly for its ease and versatility. Pair it with hair piled into a bun and secured with a cute accessory, and you’ve got an effortless summer updo. Perfect the look by applying either a texturizing sea spray or frizz-fighting gel on damp hair, blow-dry or let hair air dry, then twist—starting at the crown—and secure. Voilà!

Bumble and bumble Surf Spray, $23, available at Bumble and bumble; Tresemme Tres Gel Extra Firm Hold, $4.99, available at CVS; Urban Outfitters Leather Bun Holder, $14, available at Urban Outfitters

How Will Kate Middleton Wear Her Hair For Royal Wedding?

27 Apr

Will she or won’t she … wear her hair up? That’s the question royal watchers are asking about Kate Middleton’s ’do for the big day she marries Prince William — April 29 — in Westminster Abbey. One thing’s for sure: The 29-year-old future queen of England has her own sense of style, and she won’t take orders from the royal advisers just because it’s “tradition.”

With her long, shiny chestnut locks that are often topped with a hat (so very British), Middleton might want to wear her hair loose when she walks down the aisle — that’s her signature look, after all. But given the fact that this is a royal wedding, with 1,900 gold-leafed invitations sent out and a fairy-tale glass coach to ride in after the vows are exchanged, some speculate that Kate’s hair should be as formal as it gets: worn up in a classic style, such as a French twist.

This sleek, sophisticated ’do would showcase the tiara the bride will undoubtedly wear, chosen from many in the queen’s “jewel pool” and usually presented by the queen as a wedding gift. However, “a French twist is so structured, it can look too severe and mature on a young woman,” says hairstylist (and fellow Brit) Christopher Dove of The Doves Studio in Santa Monica, Calif. “That said, I’m sure Kate would look amazing with her hair up in a French twist, but I’m voting for a much more youthful half-up, half-down style.”

Makeup Fit for a Princess

“All of the young brides I make up are asking for smoky eyes on their wedding day,” says Eugenia Weston, an Emmy-nominated makeup artist and owner of Senna makeup studios in Los Angeles. She imagines that Middleton, however, will skip the sultry makeup.

“I think she’ll go for a fresh, clean look — starting with her skin — to take advantage of the fact that it’s naturally luminous,” says Weston. “I’d define her eyes with delicate eyeliner, and add a few individual false lashes to fill in where needed for a feathery fringe. I’d also groom her brows so they are dramatic frames for those lovely eyes. And for her mouth, I’d suggest a rosy lipstick, or maybe even a matte shade that reads like a rosy stain.”

The bottom line
: Middleton is so pretty, there isn’t much to be done, and in the conservative splendor of Westminster Abbey, dramatic makeup would look inappropriate.

Your Own Wedding Countdown
Here’s how to achieve the healthiest and most beautiful hair possible on the big day.

4 weeks before the wedding: Schedule a practice session with the hairdresser. Bring in a photo of your dress and the actual headpiece (veil, jeweled clip, headband, tiara, silk flowers). Bring a camera to capture the range of hairstyles (updo, French twist, half-up half-down, long and flowing). At home, print out the winner so the hairdresser has a handy reference point for the big day.

3 weeks: Start weekly at-home deep conditioning treatments.

2 weeks: Have hair cut or trimmed. Book an intensive in-salon conditioning treatment.

1 week: So your hair color looks as fresh as possible, wait until now to have your color or highlights done. Have bangs or fringe trimmed. Continue with at-home conditioning.

Day of: At least three hours before the wedding, meet with the hairdresser. If you’ve chosen an upswept style that can be pinned up securely, you can have your hair done earlier. But if your hair will be worn down with soft curls that can go flat, the appointment needs to be closer to the wedding’s start time.

If you’re headed for a tropical honeymoon, don’t forget to pack that at-home conditioner to maintain your hair’s shine and to protect it from the sun and the sea.

Summary: A royal wedding is on the horizon and we all know what that means — lots of talk about fairy-tale dresses, designer shoes, and of course, how Kate Middleton should style her hair on the day she marries Prince William.

Celebrity hairstylist Gilda Pastena of the Pierre Michel Salon in New York City suggests royal-wedding worthy dos for this soon-to-be princess, including a polished chignon; tousled updo; a half up, half down hairstyle; and braided bun.

Hair Trend: Go Bold For Spring 2011 With Baby Blonde Hair!

14 Apr

Baby-blonde hair may be all the rage, but it’s not for everyone. According to Marie Robinson, who counts Emma Stone, Naomi Watts and Michelle Williams among her pale-tressed clients, “It works best on women who are at least halfway there to begin with, and they need touch-ups every four weeks.”

That said, its brightening effect on the skin is well worth the effort. “It’s rejuvenating,” says Chelsey Pickthorn, the Orlo Salon colorist who coaxed the model Abbey Lee Kershaw’s locks to the perfect platinum.

“But you really need to assess the hair’s condition before starting and then proceed slowly, with great care.”


These colorists specialize in natural-looking hues.

Zoe Wiepert/Bumble and Bumble

Wiepert — the colorist most requested by Bumble and Bumble’s own employees — is known for her blonde, which can run the gamut from low-brow (she colors a few of the New York Knicks city dancers) to high (literally: Wiepert bleached models’ brows for the fall ’11 Thakoon show).

Bb. Uptown Salon

146 East 56th Street

New York, NY 10022

(212) 521-6500


Reyad Fritas/Frederic Fekkai

The natural-looking shades created by Fritas using balayage has earned him regulars like Diane von Furstenberg and Heidi Klum and made him the go-to corrective colorist for a number of model agencies including Elite and Ford.

712 Fifth Avenue, 4th Floor

New York, NY 10019

(212) 753-9500


Simone Pearl Magano/Serge Normant at John Frieda

Magano grew up in the West Village and trained under Marie Robinson. She comes from an art background (having attended Parsons the New School for Design for two years) but her specialty — platinum — calls for a decent knowledge of chemistry: “I’m one of the few colorists who likes to do double-process blondes,” she says.

825 Washington Street

New York, NY 10014

(between Gansevoort and Little West 12th Streets)

(212) 675-0001


Joe Martino/Chelsea Pickthorn/Orlo Salon

Martino, who was responsible for Michelle Williams’s cut, color and extensions for “Blue Valentine,” mixes techniques, including “free-hand, hair painting, foiling, even applying bleach with fingers,” to a customized effect. His colleague Chelsea Pickthorn is known for her light hues, but is also a master of corrective color thanks to a stint working in the Middle East.

34 Gansevoort Street, 3rd Floor

New York, NY 10014

(between Hudson and Greenwich Streets)

(212) 242-3266

Kimberly Cannon/Marie Robinson Salon

Cannon got her start working at her older sister’s salon in Philadelphia at just 14 years old. She’s since made the salon rounds, with stints at Ted Gibson and Serge Normant at John Frieda. Cannon colors using foils and balayage, and specializes in red, for which she looks to the many redheads in her family for inspiration.

155 Fifth Avenue, 4th Floor

(between 21st and 22nd Streets)

(212) 358-7780


Celebrity Hairstyle Makeover’s find your best Do

2 Feb

Emily Blunt

Emily Blunt kicked off February by changing her hair to a caramel color, a significantly lighter shade compared to her dark brunette hue.

Ashlee Simpson-Wentz

Ashlee Simpson-Wentz chopped off her long brunette locks last year in favor of a blond pixie. In late January, she lightened her look even more with a bleached hue.


Abbie Cornish

“It feels good! It feels natural!” Abbie Cornish told InStyle of lightening her locks from dark brown to a lighter shade in January.


Kate Beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale changed her brunette look into a bright shade of sunny blond in January.


Lauren Conrad

The reality star turned fashion designer kissed her sunny ombre strands goodbye in January in favor of a taupe-y brown.

Jennifer Love Hewitt

In January, Highlighted ginger strands took the place of the actress’s signature chestnut brown.

Khloe Kardashian

Khloe Kardashian flirted with a a vibrant auburn hue in the first weeks of January, but changed her hair back to her lush brunette strands after a few weeks.

Summary: Celebrity hairstyles,I never get tired of them. Whether they’re long, medium, or short hairstyles, curly, straight or wavy hair, up, down or in-between, I seriously love them all.

The best way to find a new hairstyle is by seeing what our favorite celebrities are wearing.

Most of the time that’s how most of us find our new looks. So if your still kind of weary about trying something new.

Find and online virtual makeover website and see how well you will look with your favorite celebrity hairstyle.

Don’t be afraid of change!

Hairstyle Trends: How To Make A Bow Hairstyle For The Holiday’s

6 Dec

How To Make A Hair Bow

The newest trends in hairstyles are supporting the most edgy hairstyles ever and the most colorful ideas to make unique looks. The haircuts, the styles, everything is going into extremes.

The bow hairstyle is one of the edgy but cool hairstyles that got a hit since Lady Gaga and few other celebrities sported it. Here’s a short tutorial to make it yourself.

People can use hair bows to convey their fashion sense. Young girls and adult women both look good while sporting these simple so far very beautiful fashion accessories.

By learn how to make hair bows, they can look stylishly good and cool at any time they desire.

It is very easy to make and can be used even in normal days as well as in particular occasions. There are really hundreds of styles to select from when make hair bows.

Take a 1 ½ breadth satin ribbon and cut it into two pieces. The pieces should be 24 and 5. Then taking the 24 satin piece, make the initially loop.

Make a different loop by bringing the satin around the back. Bring it over the front. Taking the thread, softly wrap the mid part of the bow. Now pull the thread, till the centre is satisfactorily pinched. Sow the plastic barrette into the back part of the bow in the centre. Now take the 5th part and fold the edges back and make an easy knot.

Steps for How to Make Hair Bows

Required Tools:

  • Fabric shears or sharp scissors
  • Glue gun
  • 1 bottle of Fray-check
  • Measuring tape
  • Sewing needle


  • Use various shades or prints of ribbon for a unique, personalized flair. For instance, use ribbon featuring a favorite university or professional sports team.
  • Don’t get glue on the middle part of your bow, or you will be incapable to attach the hair barrette or clip.
  • Utilize caution with warm glue guns to avoid being burned.

Hair Bows Instructions

Secure the bow to headband or barrettes. Use the warm glue gun and glue. Apply a little dab of glue to the center protected knot made in step four then attach the glued area to the barrette or headband. Hold securely to allow the glue to dry.

Pull tight while leaving the tails loose. Pull equally so that your bow doesn’t end up lopsided or too loose.

Tape the center point of the ribbon to the table. If you are using more than one ribbon in concert then protected all of them with separate pieces of tape.

Summary: Have you ever gotten tired of having long hair?  It’s the same thing every day, isn’t it?  If it isn’t down, it’s tied up in a ponytail.  Well, here’s news for you: there are hair up-dos that is sure to meet your ideas of modern hair styles, easy hair styles, and cool hair styles.

With the Holiday’s here and many of us who are looking for something totally different. Why not wear a hair bow using your own hair. It is the hottest hairstyle trend right now.

With Hello Kitty being many of our reason’s why we love hair bow’s came across my favorite hair guru who posted up her very own hair bow video. From there decided to share it with all of you!

Andrea’s Choice has been someone that create’s a fun edge to fashion, make up and hair for me for about a good year now. With that said watching her video of How to make a hair bow. It’s easy and it’s fun and you have to admit it’s darn right cute for the Holiday Season!

Depending on your style and taste, there are many hairstyle up-dos out there just waiting for you to try it.  For the reserved and conventional girls, a messy bun, a neat bun, or a sleek ponytail is usually the pick.

However, for those who are more daring and outgoing, what they seek out are the popular hair styles that their favorite fashion icon or celebrity is sporting.

For those who wants to have the traditional classic look, it is always as it is, classic.  These hairstyle updos never go out of style – they are preserved in the fashion world as timeless, vintage, and chic.

Elizabeth Arden Red Door Salon and Spa Experience: Product’s used for my hair

2 Nov

PureOlogy Hydrate Shampoo gives your hair the nutrients that it needs to get back to a healthier condition. This is a great way for you to replenish your hair without spending a lot of money on products. This shampoo is a more gentle way for you to get the hair that you want. As soon as you begin  using this product you will find that it is easier to style and has a healthy shine to it, others will notice the difference too.

PureOlogy Hydrate Shampoo is just as the name indicates, it is a shampoo that will hydrate your hair so that it will no longer be dry and brittle. It will have a moisture to it that will cause it to look and feel light and clean. If you want to rid yourself of damaged hair today then you will want to make sure that you wash it with a shampoo that has proven results to give people the hair that they wish they had. PureOlogy Hydrate Shampoo is just the shampoo for the job.

When you shampoo your hair with a good shampoo such as PureOlogy Hydrate Shampoo, you will want to make sure that you follow it up by conditioning with a conditioner that will nourish and replenish your hair. When you use Pureology Hydrate conditioner you will be using a conditioner that will be putting healthy things in to your hair that will help to protect your hair throughout the day. Not only will your hair become much more manageable after using this conditioner, but it will have a gorgeous look to it.

When you use this conditioner you will find that it also adds a lot of body and movement to your hair. This is a great conditioner fro color treated hair, it had special needs and this conditioner meets and exceeds those needs. The hydrating portion of this conditioner will help to give your hair the added moisture that it really needs. Color treated hair is damaged hair and it is very important that you give your hair more than just a regular condition, you want to make sure that you replenish and hydrate your hair while you protect the color, PureOlogy Hydrate Conditioner does just that.

PureOlogy Hydrate Conditioner contains a multi-weight protein which will penetrate deeply in to your hair. It also has antioxidants which are what helps it to guard against the color fading. Another great thing about this conditioner is that it helps protect your hair from the sun and all of the damage that it can cause to your hair. When you want gorgeous hair that is easy for you to manage, you will want to make sure to use PureOlogy Hydrate Shampoo to wash it and follow up with PureOlogy Hydrate Conditioner to help protect it as you are conditioning it.

This is what they used at my Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa and Salon. My stylist Lonnisha Mercado washed my hair with with the Hydrate shampoo and conditioner. Left my head feeling clean, my scalp feeling a cool feeling to it. Absolutely loved how soft it made it! I never used PureOlogy product’s I might have to add this line to my list!


Therma strength Style Serum

A botanically enriched, heat-activated style serum formulated with patented advanced strengthening and anti-breakage ceramide technology to dramatically improve the hair’s tensile strength, leaving the hair feeling strong, shiny and full of body.

Lonnisha rubbed a little bit to my ends of my hair.


Keratin Complex has changed the beauty industry – starting with our “signature” Smoothing Therapy and continuing with a complete range of products and styling tools.

Since our launch in 2007, Keratin Complex has led the way with innovative technology and amazing results. It is no wonder Keratin Complex is now the leading smoothing system in the World! Founded by renowned stylist and salon owner Peter Coppola, all Keratin Complex treatments and styling products are specially formulated to contain natural keratin protein, which rebuilds, restores and rejuvenates all types of hair. No more bad hair days with Keratin Complex!

This is the product that Lonnisha also added to my hair while damp before blow drying my hair. This product has a wonderful scent to it leaving hair feeling with a nice fragrance to it.

Rene Furterer Okara 2 Phase Leave in Protective Conditioner CPF 80

Okara 2 phase leave-in protective conditioner +80% color protection preserves your hair color between services. The Okara (Soybean) extract restructures the hair while protecting its color. This conditioner detangles, protects, has a UV filter and conditions with one simple movement.

Summary: Once my hair was washed and conditioned with the PureOlogy Hydrate shampoo and conditioner. She followed up with adding a little bit of  the Rene Furterer Okara which she sprayed first on to my hair. Then she also put a little of the Keratin complex infusion onto the damp towel dried hair. Then on the ends of my hair she used the Mizani strengthening serum to help protect my ends from damage.

Once she added all that to the hair the hair is conditioned and protected from heat then Lonnisha finished the hair with the blow dryer. Then followed up by styling the hair. I absolutely loved how soft and and voluminous my hair was and three days later it still has the same body.

Hair done by Lonnisha Mercado
Elizabeth Arden Red Door Salon
7700 W Northwest Hwy
Dallas, Texas 75225

I am adding a youtube video the day after my hair was done so you can see how all the product’s I mentioned in this post made my hair silky, bouncy, voluminous, shiny and just extremely soft looking! Thank You so much Lonnisha job well done. Definitely will be going back to the Elizabeth Arden Red Door Salon and Spa here in Dallas at North Park. Please stop in if your in the area and ask for my hairstylist Lonnisha Mercado.

All Products are sold at the Elizabeth Arden Salon and Spa’s or you can go directly online to the actual websites.

What Is The Secret Behind Victoria Secret

20 Oct

Through out the years many have been curious about what is the secret behind Victoria Secret.

Men fantasized that maybe it’s because the hot lingerie is hiding something secretive that they would love to expose.

Many women thought that the person behind this great empire had to be a great woman, but the truth behind Victoria Secret is that was created by a man.

The founder of Victoria Secret was  a man named Roy Raymond in 1977 in San Francisco, California.

Roy Raymond’s amazing idea came forth as he sat uncomfortably in a lingerie store while waiting for his wife. His idea was to formulate a place where men can shop without feeling uncomfortable.

Victoria Secret was designed in an environment of trying to make men feel comfortable while shopping for their ladies.

The design of the stores came with features such as wood-paneled walls and Victorian details.

The creator Roy Raymond felt this would give men an opportunity to feel comfortable while shopping for seductive lingerie for their girlfriends or wives.

You would not find racks or shelves of Victoria Secret lingerie, but more of a simple yet unique form of putting bras and panties on display.

The lingerie was placed together in single styles and mounted on the wall in frames.

The first store was opened in Stanford Shopping Center and followed with 3 other stores and a mail order catalog.

Just after 5 years Roy Raymond sold Victoria Secret to the Limited in 1982.

Victoria Secret`s is known for their elegant yet beautiful Angels.

Victoria Secret Angels bring sexy and confidence down the runway. Fashion shows are always enticing where you get to see all of your favorite Angels.

Being one of the top sales person’s for the Seattle store that I worked at my experience working for the retailer was pretty amazing.

I understand what the brand is about and can appreciate the products that  we come to love as some of our must haves over the years.

I learned and understand the technology that goes into every bra and panty that is part of the brand.

The various sensuous fabrics. Amazing details that go into every bra and panty. You can’t help but love the  beautiful designs that are put into ever part of the line. You admire the perfect balance of colors.

It also provides the perfect balance of styles, shape and lift sizes to every body type.

The invisible technology that allows every woman to look more flattering in their clothing.  Besides who loves those nasty panty lines and bra lines that shows up through the clothing we wear.

The invisible technology gives the everyday woman a more desired look. Which then leave’s her feeling good, looking good and walking away feeling sexier then ever.

That was my experience working in the Northwest Seattle store in Kirkland Washington.

The make up line and hair line are quite incredible and we can not forget the fragrance line as well that the store provides for their lingerie line that they provide to each and every client.

I actually always called my store and every Victoria Secret Store out there and we cannot forget the online store. “The one stop shop!” It provides everything under one roof! Making your shopping experience a more pleasurable one.

Lastly, most women who buy the brand don’t realize that if you have a problem with any bra strap or unraveling the company is really good about giving you new straps or even replacing it if not out of a certain time period of course.

So the next time you are in your nearest Victoria Secret store or online you will understand the brand and come to appreciate it.

The secret is…. It was owned and started by a man!  Although he sold it. We have to always remember how it got started being that history is history for a reason.

My staple product’s from the store is the push up bra’s and the invisible lace panties. I love the way they feel on my skin. I love the amazing fabric they use to give a sexy yet feminine look to my lingerie.

I respect the technology that goes into every bra never leaving me looking bad under my clothes.

Lastly, I love the comfortable panties that were created with invisible line technology that was created for a no show look.

For those that don’t realize that the body sprays were created for layering. So your fragrance last throughout  the whole day. Without having to constantly spray spray spray.

Leaving you empty before you get started. So the body lotion and body spray go hand in hand for a reason.

Now for those that never shopped online or had a clue they had a website now you do!

The many reason’s why I call it the “One Stop Shop!” They provide and amazing collection of clothing from casual all the way to business, and for those who need something fancy for a nice time out.

You cannot forget their amazing bathing suit line that has become very popular in recent years.

How about their coats and shoes. I mean they sometimes are to die for! I do anything to get those kind of shoes! They came together with many other popular brands and designers. To show case their personal designs as well.

I hope you enjoyed my outlook with a little bit of history and job experience down to personally loving the brand as my favorite store of all time! I no longer work for the brand and I haven’t for a couple of years now.

I hope my post has allowed you to understand and appreciate the brand a little bit easier. For those that don’t have time to shop. Why not visit your online store instead.

Now with help understanding the brand a little bit better it should allow for a more pleasurable shopping experience.

What are some of the things you love and can’t live without?

We all have at least one thing that we love from this brand! So no excuse that you can’t fit the clothing sizes. Which was many of the excuse’s I got while working for Victoria Secret for some it may hold true but there is always something for you regardless.

That’s where the beauty side of the store come’s into play. The fragrance, hair care line, right down to the beautiful make up designed by the Victoria Secret Model’s personally. The glamour you want right down to the shades you need!

This brand makes great stocking stuffer’s as well as great gift’s for many to enjoy!

However, the fragrance part of the store is for everyone no matter what walk of life you come from. You cannot put a size on fragrance.

Everyone loves to smell nice at least I hope!

Victoria Secret

Hair Bang Styles For 2010

14 Oct

The easiest and quickest way to make a change to your hair style is to add bangs or change your part.

Bangs are great and everyone can probably wear some variation of them.  Keep in mind that when you cut bangs, you will be waiting quite awhile to grow them out if you end up not liking the way they look with your hairstyle.

There are different types of bangs for different face shapes. Choose a style that is more flattering for your face verses a bang you seen on someone else. What works for one person may not be flattering on the next.

Have fun with your bangs by styling them different ways.

One suggestion is to clip in hair extensions to see if you like the look of bangs before you get them cut.  Clip in hair extensions can be ordered online or can be found at many department stores for a reasonable cost or even at your local Sally’s or beauty supply store in your area.

The basic bangs available include:  eyebrow, straight, layered, choppy, side swept, basic, fringe and not really bangs.

Hair should be fun and remember it all does grow back. What bang type are you wearing?

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Men’s Leave In Conditioner

8 Oct
Most guys don’t want to condition their hair. They figure it’s a waste of time, or they don’t like the way it weighs down their hair. But not conditioning is a mistake, and here’s why: When you shampoo, you’re opening your hair cuticles, which, on a microscopic level, makes them look like little Christmas trees. The shampoo washes out the dirt hiding under the branches. The conditioner closes up the cuticle, stopping dirt from getting in and adding shine.
Although I prefer a traditional conditioner, some guys hate adding another step to their morning bathroom routine.
A suitable alternative is the new bed head leave in conditioner for men, which isn’t nearly as girly and involved as it sounds. After your shower, when your head’s still damp, spray some in. And then forget about it. (Styling product can be added a minute later.) The Bed Head gets right on the Christmas tree and stays there, making your hair softer and less brittle. And giving you a better chance the next time a woman runs her hand through it.

What Curly Hair Type Are You?

8 Oct

Do you suffer from curly hair that’s dry, damaged, frizzy, or uncontrollable? Are you open to trying something new? The curly girl method (also referred to as “no-poo”) is based off the book “Curly Girl” by Lorraine Massey. The nickname “no-poo” alludes to not using a sulfate shampoo, because of sulfates’ power to strip the hair of its natural oils. Once you take away the sulfates your hair can retain its natural moisture. Like many beauty regimens, the results vary from person to person, but this one just might work for you. So, say good-bye to the frizz and split ends and hello to softer healthy curls! 

Sulfate free products are so much nicer and easier on the hair. It allows for natural moisture to come back into the hair giving your curls more definition.

I personally found my staple products. What are yours?

Whatever your curls maybe and you feel like your not getting the best from your products. Google and educate yourself about sulfate free  hair products.  You will see how much damage sulfates leaves on the hair over year’s of use and abuse. Find more natural hair products that are lighter weight on your hair. Check out the curly girl method as well as read the book.

Kinky Curly Hair line

Jane Carter Solutions

Mixed Chicks

Curly Girl – Book

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