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Victoria Secret Supermodel Mom Adriana Lima Reveals Her Extreme Diet Secrets

7 Nov

The Victoria’s Secret model reveals her extreme diet before she hits the runway; no solid food and twice-a-day workouts!

No solid food, twice-a-day workouts and no water?!

Yep- welcome the life of one Victoria’s Secret model and her extreme, pre-runway routine.

Adriana Lima – a veteran Angel and mother of a 1-year-old – reveals in a new interview with The Telegraph exactly how she gets her smokin’ bod runway-ready.

Two months before the annual VS show, the model hits the gym not once but twice a day – doing everything from jumping rope to boxing to keep her trademark curves in top form.

And you know how you’re supposed to drink 8 glasses of water a day? Well, this supermodel guzzles a GALLON a day when she’s training hard.

But 12 hours before the big show- it’s no agua at all. None.

Lima tells the paper: “No liquids at all so you dry out, sometimes you can lose up to eight pounds just from that.”

So what does she eat? Salads, maybe? Grilled fish? Nope – try no solid foods for nine days pre-strut!

Instead, Lima drinks protein shakes made with powdered eggs. Yummy.

So, is all that sacrifice really worth it? According to this model, absolutely.

She says: “Actually, the Victoria’s Secret show is the highlight of my life. Becoming an Angel, once I achieved that, it was a dream-come-true for me.”

Well, Adriana, props for living the dream – and for admitting it’s not easy looking that perfect!

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Top Cancer Fighting Superfoods

28 Dec

Did you know that Mother Nature has a wonderful bounty of nutrient rich products that provide wholesome goodness for you? Are you eating right and giving your body the precise nutrition it needs? If not, then it’s time to meet nature’s superheroes or superfoods as we know them.

Food as we know it is being studied more closely than ever. There is substantial amount of research being conducted to better understand how foods nourish our bodies, how they can heal various disorders, how some foods provide multiple benefits and so on. There is no one set definition for the term ‘superfoods’, but they are in an exclusive class of their own.

Superfoods in general are low in calories; contain good amounts of omega 3 fatty acids, are high in fiber, contain disease fighting antioxidants, and are rich in vitamins and minerals. They have also been found to lower blood cholesterol, regulate blood pressure, protect from heart disease, increase body metabolism; which in turn helps burn away fat, cleanse the body of toxins, and even help protect against cancer. The good news is that these superfoods are easily available and are most likely already in your kitchen. Its’ time to make these superfoods a part of your everyday nutrition-

Berries – Load up on blueberries, cranberries, acai berries and black berries whenever you need a snack as they are incredible little packages of health benefits. They are rich in antioxidants, phytonutrients, and have high water and fiber density. They are also low in calories and packed with vitamins. They are most potent in their raw form, so mix them up into a delicious smoothie or add a handful to a cup of yoghurt. Enjoy an immunity boosting treat!

Nuts – You may have heard that nuts aren’t good for people trying to lose weight but the key is to enjoy them in moderation. Nuts are chockfull of protein, essential fats, vitamins and even antioxidants. When eaten in proper proportions, they actually help to lower cholesterol, boost heart health and are ideal snacks to enjoy. Almonds, walnuts, pecans, peanuts and pistachios are the best varieties of nuts to stock in your kitchen.

Yoghurt with live cultures – Yoghurt provides your body a high dose of calcium as well as protein and potassium. Nutritionists recommend eating yoghurt that contains strains of live cultures, because it helps to increase the amount of good bacteria in the body; thus reducing the multiplying of bad bacteria, aiding in improving the digestive tract, and has been proven to strengthen the immune system. In fact, various clinical studies are being conducted into understanding the wide variety of other benefits that yoghurt provides. The best way to eat yoghurt is as a daily snack between meals. If you prefer a sweeter version, simply add some sugar or throw in some diced fruits. You could even blend some fruits together with yoghurt and create a highly nutritious smoothie in the morning.

Eggs – If you have cholesterol problems, you may be advised to limit your intake of eggs to not more than 2 per week. Eggs are superfoods because they are highly nutritious, contain loads of protein and are easily available. Studies show that people who ate two eggs at breakfast time were more content up ‘til lunch time and ate lesser throughout the day than those who did not. The egg yolk is full of essential vitamins and aides in brain development; which includes mental sharpness, clarity and improved memory. Go for boiled eggs over other cooked varieties!

Salmon – Salmon has an abundance of heart health boosting omega rich fatty acids, and is low in calories and saturated fat. Salmon is also an excellent protein source. Because of this, nutritionists recommend at least two servings of salmon per week. The best way to prepare salmon is through grilling or baking. Enjoy it in a salad with some tobasco sauce or salsa, or simply team up one portion with a handful of vegetables for a fulfilling meal.

Beans – Vegetarians will be glad to know that beans have plenty of insoluble fiber (which helps rid the body of toxins), have been proven to lower blood cholesterol, are a great protein source, contain potassium and magnesium and also help you stay full for longer. Steam a handful of beans with other vegetables like carrots, enjoy them as a salad or include them in a soup. Before cooking them, wash them well but don’t remove the runners on the sides.

Cruciferous Vegetables – Mom wasn’t wrong when she made you eat your vegetables. Broccoli is one of the best known cruciferous vegetables, which is a great source of vitamins, contains fiber, and even possess cancer protecting properties. In fact, they are a favorite with people who battle weight gain. The best way to cook them is by lightly stir frying, steaming, and grilling, but make sure not to over-cook; thus ridding them of all the great nutrients. Add them to soups, salads, side dishes or enjoy them as a snack by themselves.

Oatmeal – A bowl of oatmeal with a handful of fruits is a great way to begin your day. Oatmeal takes time to digest in the body leaving you full for a longer period, is high in fiber, and has been proven to be great for your heart. Because oatmeal is a slow release carbohydrate, it does not have an impact on blood sugar levels. Oatmeal will provide you a wonderful boost that lasts throughout the day.

Olives – One reason why people who follow the Mediterranean diet have such healthy hearts is largely thanks to the olives that are present in their diet. Olives are full of healthy fats and also have anti-inflammatory properties. They are not only great for your heart but also keep you fuller for long.

Green Tea – Whenever you are in the mood for a beverage, make a cup of green tea. Green tea has been proven to increase metabolism, promote better heart health, speed up digestion, help in regulating blood sugar and provide your body a cocktail of antioxidants. It’s a great aid in weight loss and even has natural de-stressing properties.

Adding just a few of these super-foods listed will have great benefits for your life to come. You will find yourself with more energy, less stress, and a greater sense of well-being. So stop by your favorite supermarket today!

Written By: Sanjana George

Source: Open Talk Magazine

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