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Neiman Marcus Chose Drew Barrymore For Their Art Of Fashion Campaign

22 Jul

Neiman Marcus has chosen Drew Barrymore to be its next haute face.

The Texas-based department store chain chose the red-haired actress to star in its Art of Fashion ad campaign based on her beauty, style and link to Hollywood’s Golden Age.

“The team at Neiman Marcus wanted to evolve the Art of Fashion by pairing up with a celebrated face and photographer,”Eddie Nunns, vice president of Neiman Marcus Brand Creative, said in a press release. “We felt that Drew Barrymore possessed not only the pedigree and glamour of old Hollywood, but also the confidence and spirit of the modern-day woman—much like Neiman Marcus itself.”

Barrymore is descendent from one of Hollywood’s most famous families. She is directly related to John, Lionel, Ethel and Diana Barrymore as well as early film stars Maurice, Mae and Dolores Costello.

The 36 year-old actress wears Armani and Valentino in the ads as well as the department store’s look book for fall.

Neiman Marcus hasn’t used an actress to promote its fashions in almost 15 years.

The last time it went with a Hollywood face was in 1994 — with award-winning actress Jennifer Jason Leigh. reports Fashion Etc.


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