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Beyonce Is Instyle’s Sept Cover Girl – She Confessed Her Guilty Pleasure Is Jersey Shore

17 Aug

Beyoncé is InStyle’s September cover girl! After a nine-month break from touring, we catch up with the superacheiver to talk happiness, sanity, new projects (her album 4 and her perfume Pulse), and running the world. “I sacrificed so much as a kid and as a teenager,” she says. “I have no regrets because my job kept me focused. When you’re young—18 or 19—you have the energy and drive. That’s the time to work as hard as you can. Now I’m a woman, and because I gave it my all, I can focus on my marriage. I can decide I want to have kids. I can be the mother I want to be and dedicate myself to my children.” Though, when she gets down time, she maximizes it. “In my free time I prefer to do nothing but sit on the couch and watch TV,” she says. “I have to confess that my guilty pleasure is Jersey Shore.” And throughout everything, she always makes time for friendship. “I am a girl’s girl. Women who don’t have female friends scare me. I love my friends, and I love sitting with them and listening to their stories.” For more of our exclusive interview with Beyoncé, pick up the new September issue of InStyle, on newsstands Friday.

Beyoncé fans and fashion lovers are going to be happy about this: In celebration of our September cover girl, we’ve released three glorious minutes of footage from her cover shoot! After an intro by Beyoncé’s publicist, Yvette Noel-Schurre, the video heads straight into the envy-inducing shoes, sexy dresses, and—yes, believe it—the live snake that earned a cameo role on the pages of the fashion feature. Head to InStyle‘s Facebook page now (you must “Like” us in order to view) to see the exclusive footage and go behind the scenes. Bonus: The video is set to Beyoncé’s “I Was Here” from her new album, 4, available on iTunes.

Cover: Dolce & Gabbana dress and necklace. Photo: Dior fox fur bolero, OMO Norma Kamali swimsuit, Robert Cavalli scarf, Stephen Dweck cuff, Ernesto Esposito heels.

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R&B Star Beyonce Performed Two Songs Off Album 4 On The Daytime Show The View

28 Jul

Beyonce says she planned to have children by 30, but now “that’s something God has to decide”.

In a frank new interview, she also revealed she got starstruck when she met Clint Eastwood.

The R ‘n’ B star performed two songs off her new album 4 in an appearance in daytime talk show The View and also opened up about taking some time off work in the last year.

“It was beginning to get fuzzy, I couldn’t even tell which day or which city I was at. I would sit at award shows and they would give me an award and I was just thinking about the next performance.

“I never really thought about how fortunate I was – it was onto the next project and the next day.”

Instead, she did some travelling and accompanied husband Jay-Z on tour.

“I went to see museums, ballets, the Great Wall of China, the Louvre – everywhere I had been to but never got to see,” said Beyonce, 30 in September.

Asked who she was, she had to think for a second before saying: “I’m a wife. I’m a daughter. I’m a friend… and I’m a woman. I thought 30 was so old back then! You know, one day (it will happen).

“That’s something that God has to decide. When it happens, it happens. I’m just so happy to be in this place in my life.”

Beyonce then confirmed she is working on a remake of A Star is Born, playing the role made famous by Judy Garland in 1954.

She said she was very excited to meet Clint Eastwood, set to direct the project. “He was so elegant and very charming and witty,” she said. “I was so star-struck, didn’t know what to say! I was so honored that he believed in me.”


Who Runs The World Beyonce She Graces The Cover Of Complex Magazine

20 Jul

Story By Gabriel Alvarez; Photography By Thierry Le Gouès; Typography Sculptures by Ebon Heath

Who runs the pop world? Beyoncé. After a year away to spread her wings, Queen Bey is back to reclaim her throne.

Conventional wisdom holds that people should be afraid of turning 30. It’s the dreaded age when the biological clock starts tickin’ with the menace of a time bomb. Thirty is the point at which someone can call a woman “old”—and she will actually believe it. Conventional wisdom says that turning 16, 18, and 21 kicks ass. Turning 30 kicks rocks.

Of course conventional wisdom isn’t all that wise. Thirty ain’t all that bad. (In truth, women tend to be the most well-rounded and sexiest during their 30s. #justsayin) Still, it has a way of focusing people. Beyoncé Giselle Knowles turns 30 in September. She’s acutely aware of time slipping into the future. Her ticking clock, however, has nothing to do with insecure thoughts of feeling old or washed up. Not by a long shot.

No, Beyoncé is in a race against time because of a simple, bluntly put question: Where the f*&k does she go from here? What does thirtysomething feel like if you’ve accomplished everything most people could ever dream of—wealth, fame, artistic accolades, love—in your teens and twenties?

It turns out that, for Beyoncé, the answer to that question is equally simple (and bluntly put). Where does she go? Wherever the f*&k she wants to. Bey has spent the last 15 years paying dues. Now a worldwide icon, she has set her heart and mind to establishing a legacy that she’s determined will be dictated by artistic freedom. She’s not afraid of turning 30. If anything, the world should be afraid of her turning 30. Read More……

Complex. Com

Christina Aguilera Bares It All On W Magazine Music And Style

16 Jun

WHEN Christina Aguilera was six years old, she would escape the chaos and trauma of her family by thinking of Julie Andrews singing “The Sound of Music.” “I watched her twirl around those mountains, and she was just so free,” Aguilera recalled when we met to talk about her nightmare tabloid year of divorce, flubbed lyrics, falls on national television, winding up in the wrong bed, and (finally) triumph.

“I felt caged by my childhood. And unsafe: Bad things happened in my home; there was violence. The Sound of Music looked like a form of release. I would open my bedroom window to sing out like Maria. In my own way, I’d be in those hills.” Aguilera paused. She is small and, as she spoke, was nearly swallowed by a large, overstuffed couch in the lobby lounge of the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Manhattan, where she was staying.

Aguilera looked more “Oliver” than von Trapp—she was dressed like an urchin in a large gray sweater and black leggings, and her bright yellow hair was barely visible under a sideways schoolboy cap. Her skin was pale; she was not wearing her trademark red lipstick but, as a kind of concession to girlishness, had on sky-high platform stripper heels. “Sometimes,” Aguilera continued, “especially in the last six months, I still feel like going to the window and singing out all my troubles.”

She looked down, laughed quietly, and shook her head a little. “I laugh a lot lately. People expect me to cry, but I always laugh when things go wrong.” Read More Here: W Magazine Online

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Actress Blake Lively Cover Shoot For Glamour Magazine 2011

2 Jun

Blake Lively graces cover page of Glamour magazine July 2011 issue. 23-year-old American actress and model is looking gorgeous on cover in a sparkling Michael Kors tunic accessorized with chic Lorraine Schwartz bracelets.

Blake, who is very much in news nowadays for her nude photo scandal, is all smiles on the cover page with her shiny hair worn down, effortlessly. Photographed by Terry Tsiolis, Blake is featured on cover page as well as in accompanying stylish photo spread along with an interview.

Interviewed by Florence Welch from Florence and the Machine, Glamour cover girl Blake talks about many things including Twitter, on being her own stylist: and ,much more.

Green Lantern actress looks fabulous in the photo spread in stunning dresses by Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti, Stella McCartney, Marc by Marc Jacobs and more with her hair styled in chic hairstyles.

Check out excerpts from Blake Lively’s interview with mag:

Blake on Twitter: “People ask me why I don’t tweet. Honestly, I’m so sick of myself.”

Blake on breakups: “Every relationship you have, you’re learning and growing and taking something from that. So for me, it’s never been too dramatic of a thing when something ends.”

Blake on being her own stylist: “I think I became my own stylist by not knowing any better. And once I was told it was time to get one, I thought: This is one of my favorite hobbies! And I’m going to pay someone to steal my hobby from me? That’s a terrible idea!”

Blake on becoming the new face of Chanel’s Mademoiselle handbag: “It’s such an honor. When I found out I got [the job], you and I went to dinner and concocted this plan, like two little girls at a tea party, saying, “Oh, it would be the best if we had a party. And you’ll perform, and we’ll do it in Paris.” Like you and I were in charge of Chanel!”

Blake on getting ready for an event: “I like it to be easy. I don’t feel like I have to do so much with hair and makeup, because I’m the mannequin for these beautiful clothes, so I never want to do anything too distracting. Most of the time, I put my hair in a ballerina bun, and I take it down and it’s wavy, and then I leave. I feel shy when people are fussing on me. And my diet of choice before events is a chicken potpie from Tea & Sympathy, because they never have enough food at these things.”

For more, get hold of Blake Lively’s Glamour magazine July 2011 Cover issue, hitting stands, June 7.

Glamour Magazine Online Website: Blake Lively

Singer Shania Twain Grabs Cover of Redbook Magazine June 2011

6 May

45-year-old singer Shania Twain covers the June 2011 issue of ‘Redbook’ magazine, which will be available on newsstands Tuesday (May 17). Check out these excerpts that were pulled from Shania’s interview!

On betrayal:

“Being betrayed is one of the most valuable lessons life can teach. Now that you are wise to the game, you have the tools to choose your friends more carefully and protect your inner circle from these predators. Wear your scars like a badge. Someone hurt you, you lived through it, and now you can talk about it without rage and revenge in your heart.”

On regaining her voice:

“When my marriage broke down, I got so physically constricted that I couldn’t get any volume out at all. . . . I realized I couldn’t live without singing and had to do something about it. This is why I was like, ‘Just get it all out right now. Clean the pipes.’”

On how she knew husband Frederic Thiebaud was right for her:

“I got to observe Fred going through the same thing I was, and I admired how he handled it. That is where I fell in love with him, because he was so exemplary in every way.” “He’s attentive, brighter than God should ever allow any one man to be, funny, romantic, and cute as heck. Most of all, he shows what he feels, and that’s a quality that could come in any shape or size and be admired—it just so happens that Fred has a very gorgeous shape. He’s too good to be true, only he’s real! Good for me, is all I can say, and I’m loving every minute of it.”

Redbook Magazine

Summary: How Shania Got Her Groove Back

Three years ago, Shania Twain’s marriage and one of her best friendships ended in a single scandalous blow when she learned that her husband of 14 years, music producer Robert “Mutt” Lange, was having an affair with her close friend Marie-Anne Thiébaud. Now Shania’s got a new book (her autobiography, From This Moment On), a new TV show (Why Not? With Shania Twain for the OWN network), and a new love in her life (she’s married to her friend’s ex-husband, businessman Frédéric Thiébaud). No wonder she’s glowing!

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