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Bridal Fashion: Kate Middleton’s Knockoff Wedding Dress For Less

3 May

Just days after the royal wedding, Kate Middleton’s breathtaking gown has been replicated. The unveiling of the princess’s wedding dress was one of the most highly anticipated parts of the ceremony last Friday.

Within moments of viewing the dress which was created by Sarah Burton from fashion house Alexander McQueen, dressmakers around the world began working to replicate the gown, which will surely influence wedding gowns over the next several years. Now, one Belfast dressmaker has successfully created a copy of Kate Middleton’s wedding dress, and she has put it on display.

Mary Rose McGrath successfully recreated the beautiful gown Kate Middleton wore as she walked down the aisle at Westminster Abbey toward Prince William. The gown is now displayed outside the House of Fraser in Victoria Square in Belfast.

McGrath was able to put together the stunning replica in just 24 hours. She must have worked around the clock. If you are getting married in the near future, would you consider wearing a replica of the royal wedding gown Kate Middleton wore? If not a replica, would you choose something that was inspired by her gown? Can you believe that somebody got one together in just 24 hours? That is super quick.


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