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NBA Jersey Net Forward Kris Humphries In GQ Magazine

26 May

Photographs by Ben Watts

New Jersey Nets power forward and Kim Kardashian’s future husband Kris Humphries shows he can keep up with his hot fiancé in the new issue of GQ.

Posing shirtless, Kris shows off his perfectly toned physique as he models this summer’s new athletic solid-color swim trunks. According to GQ magazine, the new style of trunks are simple, bold tones you see on NBA jerseys and most importantly, they streamline your physique so your thighs get some sun.

“I am so proud of him! He looks amazing!!!” Kim raved Kim on her blog and Facebook page.

With his contract with the Nets expiring in June and the looming threat of a lockout, the 26-year-old jokes with GQ that he’ll have lots of time to watch “Keeping Up with the Kardashian’s” if there’s no settlement this fall.

Or maybe he’ll even be featured on the show?!


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