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Follow Up: Kristie Tunick Is Said To Have Scammed Us All!!!!

24 Dec

So everyone probably knows of Kristie Tunick,she contacted Kandee saying that she was in need of help because she had an unknown illness.

She said that she was in financial debt and all the medical insurance had given up on her. She said she only had 3 weeks left to live and she pled for Kandee’s help.

With a big and caring heart, Kandee decided to make a video to get people’s attention and help Kristie by passing it on so medical help can get to Kristie.

But then afterward’s, Kristie contacted Kandee again saying that Kandee was a liar about her illness and that she was going to sue Kandee.

Kristie and her fiance Brian, set the whole thing up so they can receive donations and media publicity. They refused all medical help but accepted donations.

After their scam was open to the public, they took down all the ‘carepages’ and even deactivated the facebook fan page.

Brain also has a criminal record for drug abuse. They left a nasty message to Kandee.

People like this are what makes the world a horrible place.

Summary: Now that you all are made very well aware this is a scam. Please show no more support to this story. I will not waist anymore time on this story period! There are people out there that can use real attention and help for this to be scam is so sad and disgusting to me. Really makes me sick to my stomach.

Now it makes sense why 20/20 has not did a follow up story like they said they would. I am sure they found this to be scam after their first television interview with 20/20.

Here is the link to the 20/20 story themselves for those that are curious where this actually started please go to the 20/20 website.  They reached out to a beauty guru named Kandee Johnson.  She is a make up artist who has a huge make up fan base on Youtube.  Kristie and her husband used Kandee Johnson to get ton of people to help her and send her money and actually said no to health care and just wanted the money.

The photos do show a sick Kristie Tunick that is not a lie. However to say you only have three weeks to live and that’s sure not the case is a scam! To play into her illness shows she has way more then her disease sounds like mental illness to me!

I am sorry to my “Heaven On Earth” readers!!!!!

Here is the link: 20/20- Kristie Tunick

Kristie Tunick: Follow up!What Do We Do When Our Health Care System Fails Us?!

6 Nov

What do you do when the medical system fails you, your only 32, a fashion genius, intelligent, beautiful & dying because some of the best doctors  do not know what is wrong with you?

Kristie Tunick experiences life with a body that can not touch hard surfaces or it paralyzes. Her story aired on 20/20 in August 2009 but producers have not followed up on her story. The segment left off with images of her dream wedding but instead she is lying in her bed fighting and waiting for a doctor that can save her life.

I have posted a blog post yesterday directly with the 20/20 article that they did on her life. Talking about her disease. However, we need more of you to make a difference.

Contact as many people, news channels, radio stations, blogs, websites,  news papers, anyway that you feel that can get someone to notice this story!

We all need to stand united. What do you do when your health care system fails you? Who do we turn to for help!!!?

We all have a voice and the power to make things happen as a community. Let’s take a stand. There are many other’s that are out there dying because when you have no money or run out of money. You then are denied service.

Then you lose hope! You feel that your cause becomes a cause that has no voice!

The only thing left is to die. This has to stop. We need to take a stand for people who really need the help.

Please add Kristie Tunick to your facebook. She and her fiance do respond back to each and every person. She is really wanting the chance at life. Losing hope! Let’s give this young woman her life back and hope for a better outcome!

Here is my personal video of her story. As well as Kandee Johnson her favorite make up artist who first did the first youtube video informing many on her condition. Also to you can add Kandee Johnson on her youtube channel as well as facebook. Which many of us already have.

Read about SPS here: Stiff Person Syndrome Wikipedia


Type in my search the upper corner Kristie Tunick to see the write up on her story that 20/20 did on her.

Thank you so much for your support and making a difference!

Kristie Tunick  : Facebook link


Kristie’s Care Pages Link

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