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Shop Accessories 7 Chunky Knits Bundle Up In Sweater Style Pieces For Winter/Fall

3 Oct

Wool Bag with Leather

Gerard Darel



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Orly Genger Waxed Cord And Chain Necklace

By Jaclyn Mayer


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Wooden Ships Wool Acrylic Mohair Mittens

By Paola Buendia


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Adi Bakshi Fashion Scarves: Hot trend For Fall/Winter

10 Nov

Adi Bakshi fashion scarves are made to look effortlessly chic with the simple fasten of a button. The perfect women’s scarf, Adi’s designer scarves collection ranges from chiffon scarves, knit scarves and cotton scarves with many unique scarf patterns to ensure that you’ll get the perfect, slouchy look with every wear.

I stumbled across this awesome site. Full of awesome scarves and many various items that this website carries.

Of course the person I am I love to share a good find!

I absolutely love these beautiful scarves. I am going to order me a few. I love scarves like this very stylish and chic!

Fall/Winter must have. So check out the link it will be posted to the bottom and add a few to your Winter wardrobe. Scarves is and important accessory as well as a need to keep us warm through the cold weather season. So why not be stylish!

Adi Bakshi fashion scarves

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