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Hairstyle Trends: How To Make A Bow Hairstyle For The Holiday’s

6 Dec

How To Make A Hair Bow

The newest trends in hairstyles are supporting the most edgy hairstyles ever and the most colorful ideas to make unique looks. The haircuts, the styles, everything is going into extremes.

The bow hairstyle is one of the edgy but cool hairstyles that got a hit since Lady Gaga and few other celebrities sported it. Here’s a short tutorial to make it yourself.

People can use hair bows to convey their fashion sense. Young girls and adult women both look good while sporting these simple so far very beautiful fashion accessories.

By learn how to make hair bows, they can look stylishly good and cool at any time they desire.

It is very easy to make and can be used even in normal days as well as in particular occasions. There are really hundreds of styles to select from when make hair bows.

Take a 1 ½ breadth satin ribbon and cut it into two pieces. The pieces should be 24 and 5. Then taking the 24 satin piece, make the initially loop.

Make a different loop by bringing the satin around the back. Bring it over the front. Taking the thread, softly wrap the mid part of the bow. Now pull the thread, till the centre is satisfactorily pinched. Sow the plastic barrette into the back part of the bow in the centre. Now take the 5th part and fold the edges back and make an easy knot.

Steps for How to Make Hair Bows

Required Tools:

  • Fabric shears or sharp scissors
  • Glue gun
  • 1 bottle of Fray-check
  • Measuring tape
  • Sewing needle


  • Use various shades or prints of ribbon for a unique, personalized flair. For instance, use ribbon featuring a favorite university or professional sports team.
  • Don’t get glue on the middle part of your bow, or you will be incapable to attach the hair barrette or clip.
  • Utilize caution with warm glue guns to avoid being burned.

Hair Bows Instructions

Secure the bow to headband or barrettes. Use the warm glue gun and glue. Apply a little dab of glue to the center protected knot made in step four then attach the glued area to the barrette or headband. Hold securely to allow the glue to dry.

Pull tight while leaving the tails loose. Pull equally so that your bow doesn’t end up lopsided or too loose.

Tape the center point of the ribbon to the table. If you are using more than one ribbon in concert then protected all of them with separate pieces of tape.

Summary: Have you ever gotten tired of having long hair?  It’s the same thing every day, isn’t it?  If it isn’t down, it’s tied up in a ponytail.  Well, here’s news for you: there are hair up-dos that is sure to meet your ideas of modern hair styles, easy hair styles, and cool hair styles.

With the Holiday’s here and many of us who are looking for something totally different. Why not wear a hair bow using your own hair. It is the hottest hairstyle trend right now.

With Hello Kitty being many of our reason’s why we love hair bow’s came across my favorite hair guru who posted up her very own hair bow video. From there decided to share it with all of you!

Andrea’s Choice has been someone that create’s a fun edge to fashion, make up and hair for me for about a good year now. With that said watching her video of How to make a hair bow. It’s easy and it’s fun and you have to admit it’s darn right cute for the Holiday Season!

Depending on your style and taste, there are many hairstyle up-dos out there just waiting for you to try it.  For the reserved and conventional girls, a messy bun, a neat bun, or a sleek ponytail is usually the pick.

However, for those who are more daring and outgoing, what they seek out are the popular hair styles that their favorite fashion icon or celebrity is sporting.

For those who wants to have the traditional classic look, it is always as it is, classic.  These hairstyle updos never go out of style – they are preserved in the fashion world as timeless, vintage, and chic.

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