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Fitness Model: Jennifer Nicole Lee Fun Fit Foodie Berry Delicious Dessert Recipe

2 Aug

Jennifer Nicole Lee is breaking the rules of healthy cooking with her Fun Fit Foodie Cookbook! She shows you that eating more not less will help you shed those stubborn pounds and that eating healthy goes way beyond the boring grilled chicken and broccoli dish! She shows you how you can create exotic, gourmet, delicious antioxidant meals in a flash, that your entire family will love-and which will help you shed pounds while still satisfying your taste buds! View vids now to see JNL in action in her Fun Fit Foodie kitchen!

Jennifer Nicole Lee is an Author, Fitness Expert, Lifestyle Consultant, FITNESS MODEL™ and most importantly a devoted wife and mother.

Her motivational weight loss success story has been featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show, The CBS Early Morning Show, Fox & Friends, Inside Edition, & The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch, thus inspiring millions.

She continues to share and shine her light to help others realize and achieve their lifestyle goals, believing that everyone deserves to increase the quality of their life. Jennifer Nicole Lee’s mission is “to help increase the quality of everyone’s life.”


Actress Raven Symone Reveals Her Diet Tricks In This Weeks People Magazine

30 Jun


The actress opens up about her major weight loss and reveals the diet tricks that helped her get fit.


Don’t forget to pick of your copy of people magazine to read her article on how she shed those pounds!

Reality Star Khloe Kardashian Talks Summer Diet In This Weeks Us Weekly

23 Jun

Photo credit: Jessie Grant

Khloe Kardashian‘s summer diet. Khloe has lost weight! Her legs look amazing.

Jordin Sparks Shows Off Bikini Body In People Magazine

16 Jun

Photos/ People Magazine

At age 17, Jordin Sparks took home the title of American Idol at a size 14. Now a size 8, the 21-year-old says she’s feeling more confident – and it shows in her first-ever bikini shoot with PEOPLE.

“I’ve always felt cute, but now I feel sexier,” the singer says in the new issue of PEOPLE this week.

She credits her new figure to taking Zumba classes, scaling down her portion sizes and sticking to her new healthy lifestyle. Says the singer: “I was determined.”

People Magazine Online

Pick your copy in store’s Friday!

Reality Star Kimora Lee Simmons Talks About Her Recent 30lb Weight Loss

14 May

Photo Credit/ Ok Magazine

Kimora Lee Simmons is back to talk about her recent weight loss – let’s hear her out:

You look amazing! Have you reached your goal?

I don’t know if I ever had a goal. I was just trying to lose some of the baby weight I’d gained when I was pregnant. Kenzo was a year old and I was thinking about getting my life back. Now the baby is almost 2, and I’ve lost about 30 pounds since last fall.

Does it bother you to see photos from when you were heavier?

Well, I’d just had a baby! I’m not bothered about it. I don’t live my life with that pressure. I’m a mother, a wife, a businesswoman. I’m not an actress, so I don’t have that life where I have to be on stage. I have the TV show, I’m into production and I develop businesses. I don’t feel like I have to be a size 2. I’m beautiful. When I was pregnant, I was probably like a 10 1/2, but I don’t really know. That would be a guess, and now I’m more like a size 6. But I always feel sexy.

If I’m pregnant, I feel like I’m bringing a life into this world and I feel like that’s beautiful as well. Now I’m thinner and that’s a different kind of sexy – but it’s always sexy.

What is your diet-and-exercise routine?

I do very easy things. Running after a 1-year-old really will do it, and I have three kids. I do a little cardio every day, and it doesn’t have to be on a machine. I sometimes take a walk. I try to do it for a minimum of 30 minutes a day. I stopped eating junk food, like chips and candy. It’s about timing, portion control and eating healthy foods that fill you up.

What was the hardest part of losing weight?

Not eating all the great things I love, as if we had really broken up! And even now, I’ll have a little bread. I am not neurotic about it. I don’t do things that I can’t maintain as party of a normal lifestyle… It’s all about moderation and making substitutions. For example, I have cut back on my dairy and I don’t eat so much fattening red meat.

… says Kimora in OK! Magazine.


Summary: Don’t forget to pick up your copy of Ok Magazine this week! Check out their online website as well.

Ok Magazine Online Website

Actress Raven Symone Shows Off Her New Body 35lbs. Lighter

3 May

Once proud to call herself “thick and fabulous,” actress Raven-Symone showed off her smaller size at the 2011 People’s Choice Awards this week.

Symone may have gone to a smaller size, but the former “Cosby Show” starlet, who has reportedly lost 35 pounds, never thought her fuller figure was a problem. In fact, she embraced her heavy. “I thought I looked fabulous before, and nobody else did,” she told PEOPLE. “So, whatever.”

Though in our eyes she’s fabulous at any size, take a look at the sassy 25-year-old’s weight-loss journey.


MTV Realty Star: Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi Slims Down

21 Apr

Twitter Pic

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi has slimmed down. But how did the reality star lose weight — the “17-Day-Diet?” “Dukan Diet?” JWoww better look out; there’s a new sheriff in town, and she is thin.

She’s no longer the half-pint overweight lover of the high-flying MTV reality television series.

She’s frequently the butt of the jokes on late night television like “Letterman,” but the chick with the attitude is having the last laugh.

She’s been battling weight issues since high school, and at one point was rumored to be down to 80-pounds. The eating disorder, just like the one Disney’s Demi Lovato is battling currently, nearly consumed her.

But the 23-year-old Seaside Heights diva made a promise to work on her weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

It appears she made the right choices by the photo. Fans were beginning to wonder where she was, except when she made a few cameo appearances recently.

Here’s the slim-downed tweet to her fans:

“Ready for Summaaa!!! Water is my new best friend. #dieting.”

With the new body, the “Jersey Shore” star can concentrate on life away from Seaside Heights in her upcoming series with co-star, JWoww, due out in 2012.

As far as how Snooki lost the weight and trimmed down her body, it appears the “17-Day Diet” or the “Dukan Diet” was not part of the plan. Looks like plain ole water did the trick, sort of. Or maybe water has replaced gin and juice?


What do you think about Snooki’s new weight loss?

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